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Ghana - Have an Education. On average only about forty percent of the United States population decides to go to college. So can you imagine that while we sit at our desks with our paper and pencil, in West Africa, there are kids just like us whom are fig

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Ghana Have an Education The media plays a significant role in our perceptions of other nations. Various countries believe that Americans are not that intelligent, Indians are fairly smart and Asians are known as the most intelligent of them all. You can go through all the countries and there is a stereotype for each one. What typecasts come to mind when you hear the word Africa? Yellow eyes, charcoal black skin, large bellies on small babies with tiny arms, a low birth rate with a high death rate, disease, and malnutrition, these are the first traits I usually think of when I hear the word Africa. Out of all the stereotypes, I feel sure that there isn't anything said about their edification. In Africa to go to school is like participating in a chronic scholarship where competition remains rigid for the duration of your educational career. A young man stands in front of an older image of himself. On the take off strip, a father speaks to his son about control, discipline, and respect. ...read more.


"Every person in Ghana is trying to be something; if you slack off a little you get left behind. Basically it's like survival of the fittest." Gazing around his room I see that the floors look like they had been recently mopped. His shoes were in racks, his clothes were on hangers, and a comfortable looking couch was set against the wall facing his lofted bed. All in all, Kofi seemed to be a simple and fairly organized person. I suspected though that his coming to America was anything but simple and certainly not so tidy. In earlier years he had visited the states in his high school career, and decided after his return home that America was the place to go to college. "Dollas" or money as he says is not something that is plentiful in Ghana. "Money is not a very easy thing to come up with, because for every U.S. dollar that is $10,000 of my currency," Kofi explains. Coming from a middle class family allows him to study in the states. ...read more.


It takes twenty-one days to break a habit, but studying is more than just a routine, it has become a way of life for Kofi. Kofi points out that the education system here in the United States is less intense than in his competitive country. "Here you can pretty much live off of Burger King and still have a life. If you don't have a degree in Ghana you are screwed." I don't believe that it is our education system that has helped Kofi come to this heinous conclusion. I believe that it is how students, no matter the work load will always find time for themselves and their friends. There are parallels in parenting from across the world: They will pressure you and stay on you about your studies, and when they call they hope that you're still studying. Students come from different places all around the world, but it doesn't matter the address or populace, there is a common denominator of parents innately wanting their children to accomplish more than what they had achieved in their own lives. Courtney Dawkins ENEX101 Anne Meyer 3/2/08 ...read more.

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