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Girl with the Pearl Earrings

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The Girl with the Pearl Earring Essay John Abarshi IT10 Books made into films are not always received well by the fans of the book. It could be for many reasons, like the character not looking the way that they thought they would or the atmosphere in the movie not being the same atmosphere that they felt when reading the book. Some people feel that before you watch a book adapted film you should read the book itself first as watching the film limits one imagination. In class we have been reading the book 'The girl with the pearl earring'. What is interesting, is that 'The girl with the pearl earring' has been created with the use of different media's. Painting, literature and film. First you have the original inspiration for the book, Johannes Vermeer's painting. After that you have Tracy Chevalier's book which has now been adapted into a film. The film, that was given the title of the book, was directed by Peter Webber. Is the story and message behind the painting truly delivered through all the media equally. Well i think probably not, because the audience changes with the media. A painting doesn't have to be entertaining but a movie must be entertaining to a certain extent to make some profit. ...read more.


I base this judgement on what we have learnt in class with the presentations about all the different aspects of daily life. I do recognize that not all the facts are 100% correct but I feel that this is to be expected when the purpose is to entertain. The general descriptions however and the other details do depict a accurate picture of the time period. As the media form transformed so did the story. The film, following the basic outline of the story, missed many significant scenes from the book and compensate this by portraying characters in a increased direct manner. The film was aimed at a wider audience than the book was. In the age we live in now there are many more people who watch a film than read a book. This causes the loss of historical accuracy of the original media. In the film, being a visual product appealing to a modern audience, it is attempted to look aesthetically pleasing. One major technique that was used was cinematography. In this context it was applied to recreate a feel of some of Vermeer's paintings. It focuses on the lighting, in Vermeer's paintings light came from the left and some scenes were mirroring this, and placement of objects. ...read more.


You could see that she was a bit scared because he was looking at her the whole time I now realise that in film, emotions are immediately visible and often make facts unnecessary. As emotions and relationships develop, the story unfolds and races onwards. Additional facts about Griet's family background would have hindered the unfolding, and her mother's tortured expression as she has to part with her daughter communicates all we need to know about the family's circumstances. Another is example is that of the relationship between Vermeer and Griet, not much is said but the looks say it all. In conclusion, the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" painting is a masterpiece, and book is good too. We don't have to choose between them because they complement each other and each excels in its own way. However the book, especially in character development, was more subtle. I preferred this than to the direct manner in which the characters were depicted in the film. I'm sure that the author and film director have mutual respect for one another, and it would be nice to imagine that Johannes Vermeer himself would also have had respect for both of these art forms, which highlight his genius and have brought his work to the attention of so many ...read more.

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