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Going Home - School was over, time to go back home.

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GOING HOME School was over, time to go back home. I gathered my things and packed them in my bag again and headed for the bus station just a road down from where the school is. After about five minutes a bus passed and I boarded it quickly because I could see more people making their way to the terminus. Luckily I found a seat just behind the driver's seat, it was the last one. I gazed out of the window and saw the streets flooded with people, busy, going in all directions for different reasons and so I thought to myself, that my journey was going to be as simple and easygoing, but I was wrong. ...read more.


After leaving that street, we entered a tunnel, which was enveloped in darkness; only a dim light at the end could be seen. The driver was progressing slowly through the dark cone, when all of a sudden the bus stopped. I kept my cool and did not panic, waiting for the driver to restart the engine. His attempts were in vain. Everyone was startled by this scene. I could hear an old lady muttering prayers and the deafening music that came from the teenager that stood beside me on the seat. The driver went out to check the engine, and that is when it happened. Maybe it was the darkness that engulfed the tunnel, or the driver was not in full control of his senses, but that didn't matter. ...read more.


Screams of agony were heard intermittently; at times they even faded the sirens of the ambulances that came to assist us. Quickly we were taken to the hospital. I was put on a bed to recover from my injuries. About an hour later, my family came rushing to the hospital and assailed me with questions, but I reassured them that I was going to be fine, because I had only experienced minor injuries and the doctor said that I could go home when the nurses where done taking care of me. Although this story may seem a bit out of the ordinary, I experienced every moment of it and I am glad it is over because even though it is a life learning experience, I did not take pleasure going home in that manner. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gabriel Farrugia English Seminar - Narrative Essay ...read more.

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