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Hamlet Movie Commentary

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Vanessa Pathammavong 11/29/01 IB English 1B Hamlet Movie Commentary Seeing a film of a play can distort the imagination of the viewer by doing all of the imaging. In a movie, not much is left for the viewer to create in his or her mind. The director creates all of the scenery and visuals instead. One scene effected by the director's decision is scene four of act three. In this scene Hamlet is striking at his mother for marrying his uncle. ...read more.


Then he confronts Gertrude with her offenses against the honor of his father. For the most part, Franco Zeffirelli interpretation of the scene was commendable. The set was according to the play. Hamlet is shown walking into the room in a crazed manner. He questions his mother in a sarcastic tone. He then attempts to go at his mother and Polonius shuffles. Hamlet strikes at the curtain only once and kills Polunius without seeing him. ...read more.


Then Zeffirelli shows Hamlet dragging Polonius around the castle, having difficulties. Zeffirelli, took an interesting turn with the "Look here, upon this picture" speech. Hamlet and Gertrude are Gertrude's bed. In many of the scenes, Hamlet is at a higher level than that of the other characters who are corrupted. Here, Hamlet is on top of Gertrude, forcing her to realize the offense she has done. It was almost like he was forcing his mother to have sex with him. As Gertrude was telling him to stop, he kept on pushing and yelling about adultery and murder. It was as if Hamlet was taking his turn in corrupting his mother. ...read more.

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