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"Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut and current American politics.

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Marquez Madelyn Marquez ENG*102 ? Prof. Denbaum 10/4/2012 Harrison Bergeron ? ESSAY PAPER ? 1ST FINAL The trumpets play a familiar beat that we all know, "Hail to the Chief" to announce the President of the United States, here we are facing an election year again. Only this time the people of our country don?t seem to be interested in the standing issues about the presidential state that this country is facing. We as a country have not seem to figure out that we have more at stake to lose then can be seen. Our future can be changed completely with the next presidential term, if a new one is elected or if our current one stays on. We have already seen drastic changes and are sure to expect more to come. The very meaning of what made this country exists may be at risk. If this country were to lose any other Constitutional Amendments or have any other Constitutional Amendments change, the people of the United States will be headed toward a dictatorship and be forced to forget the very American Democratic that created this country. ...read more.


These devices include weights to stunt speed and strength, masks, red rubber clown noses, or thick glasses to hide good looks and to make seeing difficult. Radio transmitters were implanted in the ears of intelligent people, which produces sharp noises two or three times a minute to prevent sustained thought. One can see that there is a constant struggle with the smarter people in the society trying to think on there own for a short while only to come and find themselves lost due to the devices and the government monitoring their thoughts. Since their handicaps have kicked in and made their thought process vanish. ? His thoughts fled in panic, like bandits from a burglar alarm.? (Vonnegut 5) The sense of knowledge and the ability of learning are capable. The absence of uniqueness and diversity are not present and sameness is the only trait enforced so therefore accepted. All humans can never be truly equal as if clones in the world and function in society when everyone posses a natural valued gift of uniqueness. ...read more.


All progress that requires thought will be stopped and all critical thinking will end since the capability will not be allowed. The economy will eventually crash due to the lack of improvement. So Vonnegut?s view of true equality can never work because it demoralizes the human race and stops all creativity for a successful society. In my opinion, all humans can never truly be equal, we all need the freedom to be able to express and convey our own feelings through own personal uniqueness. We need the diversity to form a successful society thus a equal society cannot exist. The author ends the story with the Handicap government prevailing over its people. He portrays this society winning and uses it as the plot to support against it. This story will make whoever reads it think twice about equality. How The effects can go so far to pose a threat to society and humanity. For us we can not let anything or anyone deprive of our individuality and uniqueness. One can only be grateful and have a great sense of appreciation for the American Democratic which gives us free expression and the allowance of the possibilities to use our gifts to the fullest. ...read more.

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