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Having my mother tell me that she would not be going with us really broke my heart.

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Having my mother tell me that she would not be going with us really broke my heart. It just seemed too insane. How could I manage to leave without her? I just did not understand. I tried to not let it bother me too much because I felt lucky for being offered an experience of a lifetime. I was going to learn the art of surfing. Being sixteen years old, I was confident, fearless and open to try anything and everything. I felt invincible, as if I could do anything that I could imagine. I believed that I could indefinitely. For one thing, I had learned how to skateboard. ...read more.


In the beginning, it did not seem to be an obvious point of inspiration. It was not until my darkest days that I realized it was. If I could not land a trick, I forced myself to try again. I became passionate about it. If I did not care, I would not be persistent. Most importantly, it was my refuge. It was my escape from reality. Skateboarding was something that kept me occupied, but enabled me to free my mind. I wanted to mold all of my activities to become exact replicas of what skateboarding is to me. My instructor would be my mother's co-worker, Franz Castillo. ...read more.


I heard footsteps then turned my head to the direction of the sound. She emerged from the savage vegetation that engulfed the entirety of the apartment complex. Surprisingly, her appearance was far from intimidating. Her informal introduction of herself proved that she would soon be an affable companion. My aunt Sharon and I accompanied Franz in her compact black Honda Civic, which was an exact replica of my sister's car thanks to my mother. We conversed easily as we headed towards our destination. We were to park on a small street then walk to a piece of Venice Beach notably reserved for surfers. It did not take me long to become comfortable with Franz. She was a very open person and did not criticize y hilarious attempts of showing off. ...read more.

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