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Head Pupil Speech

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I'm not here to bore you to sleep and shut off half way through like the speeches on Monday and Tuesday did to me. I'm not going to patronise you and talk in really big words because no one knows what they mean and no one really wants to know and cares what they mean. I'm not going to use some quote from an 80year old politician that is long dead or nothing like that. I suppose you get the people that make the quotes and the people that use other people's quotes which isn't really showing leadership is it? While I was writing this speech I thought what is head boy all about? I'm sure you all think you know what went through my mind * Straight A student * Good at school You know the usual perfect person stuff. But there are a few that pop's into most people minds when the word "head boy" is mentioned but no one ever says these. ...read more.


well maybe, hopefully * Good at school... yeah I'm not bad I try my hardest I suppose which is all I can do * Very quiet person... no not at all * A bit plain maybe... Nope I'm not plain So I don't really fit do I? So it's not going well so far. But then I realised just because I might not fit the Head Boy personality perfectly and am not a geek or one of them pointless stereotypes doesn't mean I couldn't do the job better than all the other people. Actually thinking back now apart from last year's head pupils I don't think I actually ever spoke to a Head Pupil mainly because I didn't know who they were because I never really noticed or knew them very well. I'm not saying they did a bad job but I think it would be better to have someone that everyone in this school recognises and is able to talk to. ...read more.


I'm someone that will voice their opinions and that of others and you can't really say I don't do that I have done that here. Sometimes you have to offend people to make a change and politics is not always nice. So let's bring it to an end because you're getting bored and to be honest there is something really good on the TV that I want to watch and can't watch it if I'm sat by my PC still writing this speech so I will bring it to a close. I see myself as a pritty normal guy. Not too geeky, not weird and not a waste of space. Most people in this room are normal people. So seen as though normality is the majority why not vote for someone that can represent you all and this school. Let's get out of the habit of this stereotyping people for head boy and vote for someone that everyone can talk to, someone normal, basically someone like me. ...read more.

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