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Healing is a decision. Forgiveness is part of the healing. .

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Yashren Reddi Grade 10a Forgiveness In the current hostile environment we all find ourselves, you could be thinking that the subject is not appropriate. I hope that by the end of this speech I would have been able to make a different in the way you think about forgiveness. Every turn you take today you encounter people that have scars in their lives, the scars can be anything from minor irritation to something as big an impact as apartheid had on many of our lives. One thing is clear that if we together as a nation continue to stew in the negatives of our encounters we are doomed. We have a role model, Mr Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for 27 years, he walks the talk to forgive. ...read more.


You remain committed to the past and all of its consequences as long as you live in that experience. To be able to live in the `now' it is imperative that you leave the past behind. Today, few of us are unaware of the power of the unconscious mind and the ability of one-self to create a life based on one's particular destiny - however imagined. To become more clear, in relation to who you actually are, and to rid your Self of the messages that others have implanted, it is imperative that each person decides to own responsibility for Self and self-development. Since old wounds created by painful circumstances often keep us in emotional and spiritual bondage, lending itself to physical illness it is important that each of us decide to relinquish our painful past. ...read more.


My uncle has forgiven all. The remarkable thing about him is that he has over the years discovered that he has won a number of awards. He also excels in the sports that he plans and the best thing is that he makes such a impact on the lives of the people he touches. Now would he have achieved the things that he has previously, I don't know? But if he had not made a concerted effort to forgive he certainly would not be in the successful position that he is in now. Is this easy? I don't think so. But I am sure that the benefits for forgiving are better thanif you did not. Healing is a decision. Forgiveness is part of the healing. . ...read more.

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