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Heart Of Darkness Creative Writing

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English Alike you, I wish to meet him. The more times I hear his name the more my impatience grows on my mind. He is too known throughout this region for me to give up finding him. Don?t you find him frightful? Yet of course, fascinating. I do. Imagine looking into Kurtz eyes. I?d freeze, not of fear or confusion, but of interest. My journey has become clear to my eyes. It has opened my heart up, how could he become a savage. ?A savage hero?. Hear it. Wow. That is not a hero that is in fact, a miracle. I started to feel sick from nerves. I couldn?t swallow properly; it was like there was a heavy, dim bubble stuck in my throat. It did not bring an end to my destiny of finally meeting him. ...read more.


He is already ironically weak. The jungle fever has made him loose his strength in mind and body. That?s why I chose to seize him back down the river of my steam boat. I wanted to speak with him alone. I needed to. I deserved it. He looked great fully disturbed and confused. It wasn?t jealousy. It gave me goose bumps talking to him. The tired looking eyes, he struggled to look back at me. He didn?t need to. I already saw straight through him. Kurtz?s light pink eyes with sly red veins, too small to make a difference. They were half shut, filled with guilt. Of course, No one noticed other than I. The sligh eyes of his, watering with powerful, yet discreet fright. He?s like me. No words, no stare, we are one. The flickering light of the candle was close to ending the pale dripping wax. ...read more.


I adapted to him. I will take his life and live on; I will take what I have learnt and live my life. I won?t forget him. His intended, so beautiful. She reflected Kurtz?s soul. My first step in her house, I could hear the faint crackling and smell the fire burning away the black coal. As the door swung shut after me, I let through a vicious cold breeze. I was so apprehensive to tell her. I couldn?t find my inner strength to tell the truth. She looked so doubt full, so upset although she refused to look disappointed. I took her hand; she looked up from the floor. I heard a tear splatter softly on the dull floor boards. I responded to her question, I said... his last words were? Your name, darling. Half her lips lifted. Yet her eyes restrained from looking pleased, still half full of tears. Too blood shot. I couldn?t look at her, I struggled. Don?t know why. I left. Left her, I wished her luck and just? went. ...read more.

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