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Heroic qualities of Beowulf and the comic character Daredevil?

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Bailey Colin Bailey Ms. Miller English Comp 1/3rd 13 September 2011 Is Beowulf A Daredevil? Heroes of the twentieth century have maintained some of the same aspects of the Anglo-Saxon period heroes. They have also been manipulated in different ways. The aspects most heroes share are devotion, strength, and bravery. Beowulf from the Anglo-Saxon period and Daredevil, a comic book written by Stan Lee, incorporate those characteristics into their ?super-human? abilities. The methods they received their abilities, the way they defeat their enemies and their choice of clothing or armor are different. Although Beowulf and Daredevil share some of the same aspects, they are from two different time periods and have different outcomes. Beowulf shows his devotion to the people of Hrothgar when he travels the seas to help fight the monster that terrorizes his people. ?He announced his plan:/to sail the swan?s road and seek out that king,/the famous prince who needed defenders? (Beowulf 199-202). ...read more.


Daredevil shows his devotion by never giving up, but continuing to save New York after facing life-changing experiences. ?Matt vowed to serve the law as Matt Murdock and to fight evils beyond the law's reach as Daredevil? (Lee 5). The strength of a hero is not always measuring the size of him, but also by his mental ability. Daredevil?s strength is mental; being lawyer that tries to provide justice. When he cannot prevail at bringing justice through the courts, Daredevil takes matters into his own hands. Daredevil shows his bravery by continuing to fight for justice after becoming blind. Beowulf is born with his immense amount of strength, becoming the strongest man of his time. Beowulf prefers to fight his battles alone. He favors putting only himself in harm?s way while defeating evil villains. Beowulf chooses to fight his enemies in hand to hand combat by stating, ?I hereby renounce/sward and the shelter of the broad shield,/the heavy war-board: hand-to-hand? (Beowulf 436-438). ...read more.


?It is a versatile, multi-purpose weapon, stronger than any fist. It contains thirty feet of aircraft control cable, which is connected to a case-hardened steel grapnel. Internal mechanisms allow the cable to be neatly wound and unwound, while a powerful spring launches the grapnel? (Lee 3). This weapon contains much more sophistication that Beowulf?s weapon of choice. Although Beowulf and Daredevil contain very similar aspects that almost any hero holds, such as devotion, strength, and bravery they also have differences. Being different heroes from two different eras, they have different fighting habits that evolved from one period to the other. They also have a very different ending. Beowulf dies in the end whereas most heroes from the twentieth century prevail to make it possible to continue the story onward such as in Daredevil. Beowulf and Daredevil contain similar aspects, yet include very different story lines evolving from one era to the next. Daredevil will achieve overall victory over Beowulf. ...read more.

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