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Hershey's. Comparison of two articles on the chocolate company.

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´╗┐Elizabeth Glaser Ms. Cleary Grade 11 English & Literature IBHL Word count: 889 Hershey?s Has More Than Just ?Dark? Chocolate Hershey?s chocolate is one of the top selling brands of chocolate in America since the 1950s. Both texts A and B concentrate of the main topic of this company, however they both differ in the message being conveyed to its audience. Text A is an advertisement for the ?smooth, rich and good for you? dark chocolate and originates from a page in ?Hello? magazine 2012. However, text B is an online article originating from ?Whole Foods? magazine on October 28th, 2011 and is highly bias against Hershey?s. Text A, targeting young women, has the main purpose of putting out for profit. Contrastingly, text B is reporting on the company regarding ethically sourced raw materials (cocoa beans). Both texts demonstrate common interests of profit, however, have many contrasting attributes that differentiate the two texts. The attitudes of both texts help create a strong sense of similarities and differences. ...read more.


Through the words ?victims of human trafficking and slavery?, text B gives the audience new possible feelings that contradict the previous feelings towards this company prior to reading the article. Through these words, without any given context behind it, they already slander the company and give one a feeling of discomfort of what is being done by this large company. Not only does it provide the audience discomfort but also sympathy for those working on the plantations and also provokes anger, nevertheless giving the author of the article their aim on a ?silver platter?. With all of this in mind, these confident attitudes are reflected on the persuasive techniques used throughout both texts. Though differing purposes, both texts A and B, in the end, fulfill their aims. With profit, sales, and money in mind of text A, it uses as many persuasive techniques as it possibly can, just as text B does to complete a similar task but with the reporting of ethically sourced raw materials. ...read more.


and taking no actual actions until needed. Through this article?s persuasive evidence and words, the audience may begin to question text A, or any other Hershey?s chocolate advertisement, as to why there are lack of facts, nevertheless if they?re using the fair trade sign, the ?implication? pressured upon the company to begin with, as a way of manipulating people to become consumers of this company. All in all, one can say that both of the following texts are successful in some way or another. Text A is an appreciable advertisement that, without seeing text B, can be both persuasive and profitable for the product as well as many other products to come from the company. As for text B, the article is written powerfully enough to keep certain consumers away the Hershey?s Company for the rest of their time as a consumer. Furthermore, it finally can be said that both of these texts have the ability to contrast each other to a 50%, leaving both texts as strong as they began with. ...read more.

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