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Horror Story

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I ran through the constricted corridors, the walls closing in, trapping me in this fortress of torture. I could see nail marks, frantically scratched through the bloodstained carpet. I couldn't even support my own weight; fear had gnawed into my soul, throwing my insides about like an internal earthquake. I stopped suddenly; a creaky floorboard. If anything was inside this house, it certainly wasn't alive. But I did know one thing for sure; it had heard me. * * * From the moment I woke up I knew this day would be different; the atmosphere of the day passed by solemnly; the mood of the people plagued with that of the mood of a funeral. The Nevadan sun was not liberating cheerful rays as usual; it was dull, and seemed to be fighting a losing battle against the clouds. The dusty evening air relentlessly smashed against my face, whispering curses through the desolate treetops, as I walked back to the refuge of my own home. After saying goodnight to my parents, I couldn't rid myself of the feeling that was going to be the last time I would ever see them again. ...read more.


I entombed myself in a hole in the decaying walls. My hand, which was still stained with the blood of the beast that just attacked me, covered my mouth, trying to hide the sound of my breathing. My whole body went numb as I heard her furiously slamming doors, searching for me like a deranged, starved animal. My fingernails dug into my hands with terror. Suddenly there was a door creaking; I felt like screaming but I didn't want to suffer more pain than what was already surging around my body. She entered the annexe I was hiding in, and slammed the door behind her. I was terrified the sound of my pumping heart would snatch her attention, let alone my breathing. I squeezed my tear-filled eyes shut and prayed for an end. After an eternity of wishing, I opened my eyes. My heart stopped dead; her emotionless, dead face was just inches from mine. I tried to produce a scream but all my effort was turned into tears. I tried to hit her again, but she had learnt my every move. ...read more.


I ran over to my dad, crazy thoughts bounding around my hollow mind. I announced "Dad, I'm home, I'm ok!" but he did not reply. He didn't even look at me. I tried again, "Dad! Look at me! Somebody look at me!" I screamed. He didn't flinch and neither did the three other men supporting the deathly black coffin. I was smothered with emotions: confusion, anger and fear. I ran inside my house, tears escaping down my face. My mum was sitting dressed in black, crying hard. I sat down next to her: "It's OK mum! I'm alright, I'm home...why are you crying? Who died? Mum, answer me!" She didn't stop crying, or even turn to look at me. Delicate flowers were strewn across the living room mantelpiece; I was utterly confused. I noticed a small cutting of newspaper on the windowsill. I warily moved towards it, afraid to read it. I gasped at what I read: "BODY OF MISSING GIRL FOUND: Girl, 17, reporting missing in the middle of the night last night, has been found murdered, in an abandoned house just a few miles from her own home." It all became perfectly clear; the coffin was mine. I knew what had happened that strange night. My midnight nightmare was in fact, reality. Cathy Wrigglesworth ...read more.

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