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How are attitudes to war shaped by these poems - The fly.

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How are attitudes to war shaped by these poems I think that the attitude these poems are trying to make us share with them is how ugly and disgusting war really is. 'The Fly's' main focus is the fly doing all of its everyday activities in a after-battle background. In 'Vergissmeinnicht' also attempts to persuade us t see war as wrong by presenting it as an unnecessary loss of human life. 'The Fly' mainly focuses on a fly and it's activities, which she does on the battlefield after the battle has ended. I think that what struck me and my attitudes the most, is the disgusting things the poet describes. Apparently, the poet is attempting, quite successively, to make us feel negatively towards war. ...read more.


Thirdly, the author focuses on a fly- a creature that is hated by all people. We find it irritating, annoying and disturbing at home. We associate it with disgusting thins like corpses and excretion on which they feed and rest. Making us be aware that this fly is gaining something out of this, the deaths of humans, makes us be disapproving of war, to prevent the flies gaining something. The author also wants us to associate war with the fly, a thing we all hate and find it filthy, and to refer to it as we do to the fly, with hate. The second poem, "Vergissmeinnicht", is also focusing on the unnecessary loss of life. Similarly to the fly, it uses quite strong and revolting images, like the slowly rotting away soldier, to show, and convince us of the un-necessity of war. ...read more.


That shows that war is wrong, and that no one has the right to separate these types of relationships. Lastly, we see that the soldier has sacrificed his life in war for his country, and he's not even buried, just laying on the battlefield and rotting away, no respect is given to him. This is clearly not right as he did the most he could for his country, but it has done nothing for him. This appeals to our honour and pride and shows that we would have been treated the same. This obviously makes us feel negatively to war. Thus, I can safely say that these poems, "The Fly" and "Vergissmeinnicht" both shape our attitudes to feel that war is wrong and bad, and that there are no winners in war, just losers as everyone, at the battlefront and at home is affected by war. WORD COUNT: 707 WORDS MATT LITEWSKI IGCSE Coursework Comparison of Poems "The Fly" and "Vergissmeinnicht" 1 ...read more.

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