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How do three different types of reports of the death of Tony Nicklinson compare and reflect their different audiences?

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´╗┐Word count:1957 ? excluding headings and tables Aim How do three different types of reports of the death of Tony Nicklinson compare and reflect their different audiences. Introduction For my Language Investigation, I have chosen to focus on how the news uses various linguistics according to the audience. The news plays a vital role informing us about the modern society and most people believe everything they read and hear from the news. The news is something which most people watch everyday, a source of which they find out what?s going on around them. So finding out what language they use to accommodate their audience and help them understand is why I have decided on the particular area to investigate. Crystal and Davy has pointed out the ?audiences? envision by different types of newspapers concerned are different, therefore they use different language and style, maintaining it by keeping the subject matter constant. I plan to investigate what linguistics devices are used according to the targeted audience. Does the writer use emotionally filled words to make the reader sympathetic? Do they balance both sides of the argument or is visible bias? Does the paper have more images when they are targeting at a younger audience? ...read more.


life - has died.? What I noted with the Telegraph article is that although there is a hint of bias, it is backed up with direct quotes ?The 58-year-old father-of-two died from pneumonia just days after accusing the courts of ?condemning? him to a ?life of increasing indignity and misery? by refusing his plea for an assisted suicide? The Newsround article uses a reassuring tone, they do this by using positive connation in the headline ?peacefully?, explaining why Tony had appeal for the right to die ?He had been paralysed for the past seven years and could only communicate by blinking, using a special computer? and why he lost the court case ?If a doctor had helped Tony to die they could be accused of murder? and what the judge said supporting his decision ?But the judge said it was a very difficult decision and he was not prepared to make such a big change to the law?. The Telegraph uses a formal, factual tone because they mention many high authoritative figures such as ?His lawyers...?, ?High Court?, ?Lord justice Toulson? and ?Prof Richard Dawkins?, however it was more moderate and restrained compared to The Sun. ...read more.


The Telegraph does not contain any pictures however it contains 2 video; one of Tony?s reaction to his home and another of the solicitor announcing Tony?s death. It could be said that The Telegraph uses videos instead of voluntarily picking out quotes and allowing the readers to interpret the information based on a sentence and make their own assumptions. News source He/His/Himself/Him Mr. Nicklinson/Tony/Tony Nicklinson Quotes Words (inc. headings + captions) Pictures Adjective Newsround 10 7 1 170 1 5 The Telegraph 48 7 19 883 0 13 The Sun 6 19 5 612 8 15 Conclusion It is clear from my analysis of Newsround, The Telegraph and The Sun that they all accommodate their audience however Newsrounds does not use all linguistics which could accommodate the audience better. The Sun uses linguistics which suit a different audience and The Telegraph uses the presupposed linguistics. I thought that predicting an outcome of what devices would have been used would be simple but I found that sometimes the writer does not always accommodate their readers generally but its always depending on the topic in hand. Finally to conclude, certain genre news sources may have similar styles of writing however, again it all depends on the topic because if this was an article of on celebrity gossip, there probably would have been more uses of devices such as journalese. ...read more.

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