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How does Auden portray his grief and loss in Funeral Blues?

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How does Auden portray his grief and loss in Funeral Blues? The poem Funeral Blues is about the death of the poet's very close lover, we are not sure exactly who this person is but the poet was obviously close to him. The poet expresses his deepest feelings in the poem by trying to stop everything in the world while he grieves for the death of his lover My first impression of the poem is that this poem is a lot easier to understand compared to "The Voice" and it had more meaning to it. It also felt like it wasn't a story compared to "The Voice" its more of an assertive poem. The poet Auden uses fast flowing stanzas that make the poem seem urgent and assertive. Where as the stanzas in The Voice use language that is slow and that lacked urgency. The poem seems to have been written very soon after the death of the lover and before the funeral has taken place. "Bring out the coffin" this tells the reader that the funeral has not yet taken place. The poem also suggests that it was written later than the Victorian times, in the 20th century as the poet mentions the use of telephones and aeroplanes "cut off the telephone," "Let aeroplane circle" This tells us it must have been around the 20th century as they didn't have aeroplanes and telephones before that time. ...read more.


The first three lines in the third stanza are constructed in a similar way. The punctuation makes the poem slower as it has caesura, this helps with the rhythm and the flow of the poem. "My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;" this is an example of how the punctuation makes the line of verse flow better and makes the poem clearer. Auden shows his devastation for the death of his lover by comparing everything in the world to the loss of his lover. "He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;" This shows that the poets lover meant everything to him, as he compared him to lots of different things in the world showing that he meant everything to the poet. At the end of stanza three the poet doesn't seem to have any hope left for the future as he has lost everything that has ever meant anything to him. "I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong." This shows how he has lost hope and has come to terms about his death, his love has also gone. The third stanza also reveals that their relationship is over. ...read more.


When I studied the poem in more detail my view had changed as I found this poem was about the very painful process of losing someone you love. It also shows the different stages of grieving people go through. I now think that this is very well written poem and flowed well, it also rhymed well. I think that the two poems "The Voice" and "Funeral Blues" are very different poems as they both display grief in their poems differently. In "The Voice" Thomas Hardy regrets not being with his lover when she died and the whole way through the poem remembers how she used to be. Thomas Hardy describes how it used to be when she was alive in great detail. "Where you would wait for me: yes, as I knew you then,". Where as in "Funeral Blues" Auden's lover is never mentioned in any detail. The poem "Funeral Blues" is more about the funeral of his lover and what he does that leads up to it and after it. The poet try's to concentrate on how much his lover meant to him and not about his memories of him and the two of them together. The modern attitude to death now is that you get on with life and forget about it and move on. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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