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How does Baz Luhrman attract a teenage audience right from the start of Romeo and Juliet?

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Lauren Cook How does Baz Luhrman attract a teenage audience right from the start of Romeo and Juliet? Teenagers can relate to the issues of Romeo and Juliet but the way it is performed does not appeal to the younger audience. This is because of the Elizabethan language which is hard to understand, the dress which teenagers are not familiar with and the religious element which is not a large part of society any more. To attract a teenage audience Baz Luhrman changes some of these features; he uses modern dress instead of the typical Elizabethan style, a modern soundtrack and attractive and well known actors/actresses. This makes the production more familiar to teenagers because it uses some elements from their everyday life. ...read more.


This news is an everyday occurrence so teenagers would find it very familiar. The news shot zooms in which draws the attention of the audience and a black, female news reader reading the prologue shows it is a product of a multi-cultural society. "Star cross'd lovers" was written as a caption which makes it more acceptable below the icon of a broken ring to symbolise their fate The camera zooms into the scene and becomes and tracking, establishing shot of Fair Verona it is very dramatic and grabs your attention. It keeps on flashing from the picture to the writing. Operatic music plays when the camera zooms into Jesus' face. ...read more.


Key words of the prologue are written on newspaper headlines this gives a visual and more dramatic affect which draws the attention of the audience in and makes it more understandable. The camera then pans across to show magazines with guns on the front this kind of represents the genre of the film and a little insight of what is about to come. Then there is a close up two shot of lord and lady Capulet and lord and lady Montague. Then follows a character introduction. Baz Luhrman creates first names for the characters which breaks down language barriers and perceives a less formal introduction. The Capulet's were introduced first then the Montague's and after that the "prince" this conveys tension and rivalry between the families and the law of Verona. ...read more.

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