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How does Haddon use colour to the tell story in Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

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Describe how Haddon uses colour to tell the story in the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, tells the story through the perspective of Christopher, a character with Asperger's syndrome. Part of Christopher's condition is that he does not understand linguistic techniques such as a metaphors; he does not understand the emotional connotations behind descriptions that you would find in texts such as poetry. Thus through his narrative you would expect the story to be simple descriptions with no symbolism. However the use of colour, does create a mood, which the reader can interpret even if Christopher does not when he reports what he has seen. For example at the beginning of the story, Christopher opens with describing when he found the dead dog. He describes the dog as being" pale yellow like chicken". Whilst Christopher is merely making a comparison between the colour of the dog and the chicken, Haddon cleverly creates a mood. ...read more.


Others without As in such circumstances would not be thinking logically in the same way as Christopher as we would be too distracted. Here colour demonstrates that this order is part of Christopher's very being and his daily life. It also, like the chapters throughout the stories, links the events happening in Christopher's life to Christopher's condition. Interestingly, whilst the mention of colours is resembled throughout, Christopher's attitude to them changes. Whilst, at the beginning there is a continual report of the good Christopher eats, towards the end Christopher is forced to wear for example yellow shorts. This technique cleverly symbolises how before Christopher's world was ordered but has now been turned upside down; He is wearing yellow shorts where before having to wear yellow shorts would have been a huge issue. This symbolism is similar to when Christopher's father bangs the table and Christopher's food, clearly defined colours mixes. The emphasise that colours play a huge part in also symbolising other developments in the story. ...read more.


Furthermore, the reiterating themes of colours not only convey structure of our life but generally allows us to know how Christopher. The colours create imagery like they would in a normal novel. For example, we know that when Christopher describes himself going home and eating broccoli it creates the atmosphere of relaxation, it is something which Christopher enjoys even thought Christopher himself does not state I feel relaxed I feel happy. So overall colours play an important part in the story. They constantly remind us of how Christopher perceives the world and allow us to experience in a structured manner the way he does. However they also allow an atmosphere to be created whilst it is not intentional through Christopher's. They also portray the structure of Christopher's life when he is reasonably content to when like his system for colours, his life is no longer organised or the transgression from christopher's life of normality until after finding the dog (typical in all novels). They also allow us insight in to Christopher's own emotions that he himself cannot intentionally communicate due to his condition and colours we associated with Christopher's happiness create an atmosphere. ...read more.

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