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How Does Leon Garfield structure the novel 'Smith'to keep the reader interested?

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How Does Leon Garfield structure the novel 'Smith' to keep the reader interested? Leon Garfield uses cliffhangers and other techniques to draw the reader into the world that Smith lives in. I am going to explain how the author uses a variety of emotions and moods. As well as that, I am going to discuss how the author links social history with the plot. Then, I am going to clarify how well the ending resolves the readers' questions. Finally, I am going to expose how the author uses elements of style to his advantage. The first point I will talk about is how the author uses a variety of emotions and moods such as humour and horror. "Quick," whispered Miss Bridgit, handsome in her Tuesday best, "under my skirt, child." ...read more.


He uses the fashion sense of the time the book is set to allow Smith to escape gaol. The quotation, "Under my skirt, child," shows how the huge hooped dress allowed him to escape. Smith was lucky that she was wearing such an accommodating shaped skirt. Prisons in the time the author wrote about were smelly, dirty and the prisoners were not treated fairly. In addition, young children and teenagers were put in gaol all the time, and often hanged for minor crimes. As Smith was put in gaol, this provides a way for Leon Garfield to show that Smith is living in poverty and needs to get enough money to live by committing crime. The third point I will talk about is how well the ending resolves the readers' questions. ...read more.


"Who'd arranged to meet with the devil?" This is a real cliffhanger because we do not know who is going to meet with Mr Black (Jack Field). It makes us nervous and eager to find out. "But now, a slight breeze sprang up, lifting tufts of snow from the stones, as if there was a restlessness - a stirring....." This is an excellent cliffhanger as well as scary suspense. It implies that all is not well, and suggests that evil is somewhere near. Overall, Leon Garfield has created an attention-grabbing world for the reader to indulge in. By using a range of techniques, he can captivate the reader. Therefore, the author has proven that using cliff-hangers and other techniques is an effective way of writing. 'Smith' was a successful novel that certainly captured my imagination due to the range of techniques. James Leckenby ...read more.

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