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How does shakespear use the character of macbeth to show the frailty of human nature.

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How does shakespear use the character of macbeth to show the frailty of human nature. Story line: Macbeth, the main character is a brave and victorious general. he plays a key role in defeating a couple of invading armies; He is to be rewarded for this. However three witches meet him and make prophecies regarding him.: He will become thane of Cawdor and later king. Macbeth sees how the first prophecy of becoming thane becomes true, so encouraged by his wife he sets out to make the second part of the prophecy come true. In order to do this he is led on a path of multiple murder and deceit. To secure his position he eventually consults the witches again who falsely give him the impression he is invincible. This ultimately delves him to his end but not before he realises that he was tricked by the witches. The play opens with the three witches because Shakespeare is trying to draw the people's attention to the play because people at the time were interested in witchcraft. So in the opening the play with this scene he would attract their attention right away. But Shakespeare includes his own view of witch craft by making all the witches say. ...read more.


Would they had stayed!" This is quite different to how Banquo reacts: "Were such things here, as we do speak about? Or have we eaten on the insane root That takes the reason prisoner?" So banquo is not too influenced by what the witches say. However Macbeth begins to reason with what the witches say to him, and also tries it make Banquo see it too: "Do you not hope your children shall be kings? When those that gace the thane of Cawdor to me Promised no less to them?" may crown me Without stir." So he now tries to convince himself that it doesn't matter what he does himself or does not do chance will make him into a king. He tries not to think that it was because of the witches encouraging him but because of chance that he would become king. What all this says about Macbeth is that he is proud of what he has done but now thinks that if he is destined to a higher honour than so be it and whatever the consequences. Lady Macbeth is used to influence her husband by suggesting that he is not brave and courageous as he is made out to be, and he is not ...read more.


Lady Macbeth eventually commits suicide; Shakespeare wishes to show the audience that infact she was very weak. She required the assistant of evil spirits and when they stopped 'helping 'her she returned to her frail self and consequently took her own life. Eventually, Macbeth realises he is not invincible and fights to the end. I think it is a fitting end to the play as it shows the bravery of Macbeth, despite all his wrongs and knowing he has been tricked he is "man "enough to accept this. Rather than plead with the attackers he fights them and dies. To sum up Macbeth's character I do not think he was evil by nature. He was a brave and courageous general who was loyal but inside he had ambition and wanted to progress to higher levels as any individual would want to by nature. But like most he unfortunatly could not realise the thin line separating evil and achieving ambition. It is ok to be ambitious thou goals must be reached by legal method, But Macbeth was unable to realise his due to the witches, But at the end of the play he realised that he had done wrong and his true brave character surfaced and he accepted fate. ...read more.

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