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How does Shakespeare create a goodopening to the play?

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How does Shakespeare create a good opening to the play? William Shakespeare created a good opening to the play because in the prologue it tells us the out lines of the play. In the play the prologue tells us about death and violence, making us want to watch more. The prologue makes us think what will happen next and why? Also its tells us about the two families, and their hatred for each other. The prologue rhymes to add to the opening of the play. This helps because then you get into a rhythm e.g. And the continuance of their parents rage and is now the two hours traffic of our stage. The characters in the play are interesting and varied. They each have there own part and have different personalities, with different feelings about most things. Romeo's character changes throughout the play; in the opening scene he is very lovesick, sad and depressed he says this by saying "sad hours seem long". ...read more.


Soon fighting starts with the Montague's against the Couplets which gives the scene a much more adventurous atmosphere. After the fighting Prince of Verona makes judgement by saying if this happens again between the Montagues and the Capulets, they will both be killed. What follows next is that Montague and Benvolio talk about Romeo, as they are worried and concerned about him. Romeo and Benvolio talk with each other causing a sad mood in the play. To end the scene becomes serious and when Benvolio is determined to make Romeo forget about Rosaline, and bets him that he will find another women for him. The first scene to the play has very different moods throughout. In Act 1 Scene 1 the language techniques are well suited for the mood of the play and with the characters. Repetition is used to make Tybalt sound like a angry character, by saying "I hate the word hate" and "I hate hell". Servants speak in prose. ...read more.


Girls married very young e.g. fourteen. The Prince had lots of power, he could use the death sentence and he gives out punishment immediately there is no court or trial. The Police force was very strong and it was called the watch. Drugs could be brought if you had the money. Violence was rife because all men carried swords with them at all time. Yet rich families had servants who were like little armies, like Montagues and Couplets. My conclusion to how Shakespeare creates a good opening scene is that it is made interesting from the very start. We quickly learn what life was like at that time. The scene holds your attention by changing from romance to tragedy to death and betrayal. The scene has many different characters that are introduced early so you begin to know their personalities. Romeo being one of the main characters of the play appears a lot in the first scene, and you feel you want to continue watching the play to find out how the story progresses and what other characters appears. ...read more.

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