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How does Shakespeare make men appear stronger than women in his play "A Midsummer Nights Dream "

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How does Shakespeare make men appear stronger than women in his play "A Midsummer Nights Dream "? How does this affect society at the time of writing? "A Midsummer Nights Dream" was written by William Shakespeare and was rumoured to be written around 1598, when Elizabeth the 1st was on the throne. The reason that it is believed to be written around this era is that at the time there was a few years of bad weather in England. This links to the effects of Titania and Oberon's argument over the changeling child whereby the fairy and mortal world are changed. Titania is the Queen of the fairies and Oberon is the King of the fairies. In this essay I will be providing evidence that men seem stronger than women in "A Midsummer Nights Dream" by using quotations and personal reasons. As 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' is set in Athens and there are four main groups of characters, the lovers, the mechcanicals Theseus, the duke of Athens is getting married to Hippolyta, the Queen of amazons. Egeus has chosen a husband for his daughter, Hermia, who has refused to marry Demetrius. ...read more.


To prove to her father that she will not obey him Hermia argues, "I grow, so live, so die, my lord...unto his lordship, whose unwished yoke" This basically means that you can kill me but I will not be happy until I marry Lysander. Oberon is the King of the Fairies and Titania is the Queen of the Fairies. They are both powerful but in different ways and that is what makes the story interesting. When we first meet Oberon and Titania we find out that they are having an argument or a misunderstanding. We know this because the first thing that Oberon states is "Ill be met by moonlight, proud Titania" Titania replies with "I have forsworn his bed company" This reply shows that they are in the middle of the quarrel as she won't do what Oberon wants her to do; to give him the changeling boy. For a long time Titania resists and she even refuses to go to bed with him. Again like Egeus and Hermia women are supposed to obey men and this is another example of disobedience from women. A changeling boy show power to who ever owns one as a changeling boy is a henchman that's why Titania wont even give him up for the for the Fairy Kingdom. ...read more.


Queen Elizabeth was about the first woman to show that she was strong and not how women were portrayed as. She somewhat broke the dowry system law, which was that women were not aloud to work or do anything constructive. In conclusion of this essay I feel that men are overall more powerful than women but after further consideration I feel that towards the end of the play the power changes over to the women. This is all down to Puck and Oberon with the love juice. There is certain situations were women appear more powerful than men. That situation is with Egeus and Hermia, as she doesn't get punished for loving Lysander rather than the chosen Demetrius. Even at the end of the play she still has power over him as they marry. I think the play was the best out of the Shakespeare plays that I have previously studied. I enjoyed it because it was one of the plays that I actually understood and I like the comedy that was included in the play. I also liked how the subplots all rolled in to one or they affected one of the other plots. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Briggs ...read more.

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