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How Does Shakespeare Present The Love Between Romeo and Juliet

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How Does Shakespeare Present The Love Between Romeo and Juliet? Do you believe it is Genuine? Love is just one word, but has a variety of meanings in the English language, from something that gives little pleasure ("I loved that movie") to something one would die for such as patriotism or pair bonding. I view love as a feeling of deepened affection between two people. Oxford's dictionary describes love as "an intense feeling of affection, an emotion or an emotional state". The Greek also have separate words to describe different types of love. 'Eros', which translates to physical/sexual love, 'Agape', which translates to religious love and 'Filial', which translates to maternal or family love. One could argue that that William Shakespeare explicitly contradicts the dictionary's definition of love in Romeo & Juliet by representing it in a combination of good and evil, eradicating the fact that love has no evil or violent side. In William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, different types and different interpretations of love are inscribed within each unique scene within the play. Also different characters and their language contain these inscriptions, each uniquely put there by William Shakespeare. ...read more.


though there is a form of evil lurking somewhere in the dark around them, ready to pounce and create devastation on their relationship. This is quite usual for Shakespeare to create this image because in all of Shakespeare's plays, night is usually associated with violence. For example in Macbeth, King Duncan was killed at night. Also this was common in Shakespearian times because people where usually superstitious. However, despite the fact that meeting in the night could connote evil, it could also suggest romance. This can be alleged because most of the times when couples congregate at night, it usually means that are about to be engaged with romance, and not evil. One theme of love that is shown in Romeo and Juliet is high status love. When Romeo and Juliet first get acquainted, they address themselves with language that suggests they have a special connection. They talk to each other in sonnets, finish each other's sentences and speak in iambic pentameter which suggests they have a quite a high status love. It could also show that they respect each other dearly. Yet another theme of love that links in with the language they use to address themselves is religious and spiritual. ...read more.


Due to these events that fulfilled the prophecies that steered the paths of Romeo and Juliet, anyone can argue that the love they shared was unquestionably and doubtlessly genuine, without any issues. However, hard evidence also points to the direction of the opposite opinion because one could also argue that Romeo never really loved Juliet because, during the play he perceptibly showed that he loved Rozaline, but also says that Juliet is more appealing than Rozaline, so the argument here is that Romeo took advantage of Juliet's prettiness, age, and even her gullibility and used her to get over Rozaline, then in the end, when all was lost he couldn't take it anymore and committed suicide. Also, in act 3:1, Romeo is irritated at Juliet apparently for being too beautiful, and that her beauty has made him effeminate. "O sweet Juliet, Thy beauty hath made me effeminate And in my temper soften'd valour's steel!. I think that Romeo and Juliet's love is questionable, but genuine. This is because as Oxfords dictionary defines love as " an intense feeling affection, an emotion or an emotional state", nothing defines an intense feeling of affection quite like committing suicide over the one you truly love from the bottom of your heart. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Chiedozie Ekeoma 10 STL ...read more.

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