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How does Shakespeare use confusion as a theme in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

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How does Shakespeare use confusion as a theme in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Confusion is often used by Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night's Dream, so how does Shakespeare use confusion as a theme in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Shakespeare uses confusion a lot in this play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, to make it more interesting and enjoyable and it adds a few twists to the story line which wouldn't be expected by the audience, for example, when Nick Bottom's head gets turned into an ass' head, and all the mechanicals are scared and confused about the ass head in place of Nick Bottom's head, and they all run away, and Nick Bottom is confused why they are all running away from him as he does not notice the ass head. I think that Shakespeare uses a lot of confusion in a Midsummer Night's Dream as it relates to the real world, like when Queen Elizabeth I was the reigning Queen of England (1533-1603), as she did not marry any person, and she did not want to marry anyone whom she did not truly love. She also did not have any heirs to the throne so Elizabethan England was in mass confusion as they did not know who will be on the throne next. ...read more.


Quince tells all the mechanicals what parts they are acting. Bottom is Pyramus, Flute is Thisbe, Snug is the lion, Snout is Pyramus' father, Starveling is Thisbe's mother, and Quince is Thisbe's father. Nick Bottom wants to play most of the parts, like the lion, as he says he can play a great lion. The mechanicals all plan to meet in the woods to practice the play before the big day, the marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta. When they all arrive in the woods to prepare the play, Puck or Robin Goodfellow as he is also know as, see' the mechanicals acting out the play, and Puck thought it would be rather comical if he turned Bottom's head into an ass' head. Quince, Starveling, Snout, Snug, and Flute are all scared and confused as they all spot Bottom's new head, and due to the confusion they all run away in a panic. After that Bottom himself is left confused about why they had run away, and due to Bottom speaking he woke up Titania, who is the Queen of the fairies, and is under the influence of the love flower, and who ever is under the influence of the love flower will instantly fall in love with who ever they see first, and in this case it is Nick Bottom. ...read more.


I think that confusion is a strong theme in A Midsummer Night's Dream as it is used a lot, and without the confusion theme the play would have not been very exciting and interesting, and instead it would have been very dull and lifeless. I did enjoy the play, but there are some boring parts to the play like the beginning where there is no or very little comedy, but there is just the decision of who is going to marry whom. My favourite part is near the end where the mechanicals are chosen to act out their play in front of the Duke of Athens. This part is good because this is where the mechanicals are truly confused about what their lines are, and the way it is written is awful. I think that Shakespeare added this to A Midsummer Night's Dream because he wanted to show his audience that he writes better plays then most people, as the mechanical's play was over the top and terrible, and there was too much alliteration as well. I think that the audiences in the Elizabethan period would have found this play either very scary, due to the fact that women can speak for themselves or that it was too far fetched that none of the events that happened in the play could happen in the real world. ...read more.

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