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How far and in what ways do you consider that Malan presents the black person viewpoint in My Traitor's Heart.

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How far and in what ways do you consider that Malan presents the black person viewpoint in My Traitor's Heart. Malan wrote a different book to the one he set out to write but this finished autobiographical memoir was written because he was "searching for a way to live in this strange country-for an alternative, if one existed, to the law of Dawid Malan". To live in this world he needs understand the world and in this quest he needs to understand the problems that his country must endure. The tale of the Hammermans murders is told by Malan but it is not told in his typical criminal journalist way it is told almost as if it were a story. ...read more.


His half naked wife is lying on the floor. She'd spent hours spinning around in a pool of her own blood, trying in vain to get up." In the section on the court case there are a few interjections, from Simon Mpungose but the main story is told through Rian Malan. Malan tells us of how eloquently Simon tells his story but much of this we cannot experience because we are not told this story by Simon we are told of what Malan remembers of the story. This eloquent speech is actually third hand when the reader comes to hear it. ...read more.


Maybe Malan allows Simon to better put his point across because he feels more empathy for him for the troubles he had to endure as a young man because of the apartheid laws. It is understandable but somehow strange of the sympathy Malan finds for the Hammerman. Although Simon struggled to live in the apartheid state and due to ver unfortunate circumstances was forced into poverty so were many other black people in South Africa and these people didn't go out on a six month murdering spree, brutally killing men and women in their beds, with a hammer used to kill pigs. Malan did not seem to feel the same sympathy for people like Samuel Mope. ...read more.

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