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How far are the older characters in Romeo and Juliet responsible for the tragedy?

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How far are the older characters in Romeo and Juliet responsible for the tragedy? Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, is a play about two teenagers in Italy who fall in love with one another even though they are aware that their families are sworn enemies. They love story had a tragic ending, since both Romeo and Juliet kill themselves at the end since they are not allowed to live together. The reason for their also death lies on themselves, but mainly on their hard hearted parents. The parents of the Romeo and Juliet should have realized and respected the love of their kids. The family feud was forced through the parents and resulted in tragedy for both families. Seeing that both families were not gaining from the feud, Capulet and Montague should have had made friendship, especially since their kids were madly in love. Their dispute ended when they saw the bodies of their children, after realizing that they were responsible for the death for the reason that, they were unable to see their offspring's plea for unification with one another. ...read more.


Juliet was shocked that she was going to get married in three days and was forced to act on impulse and come up with a plan to get reunited with Romeo, which ended in miserably due to an unfortunate confusion in the plan. Another older character that is responsible for the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet is the Nurse in the Capulet household. The Nurse has been serving the Capulet's since Juliet's birth, as Lady Capulet's milking maid. The Nurse having full knowledge that, the Montague's were arch enemies of the Capulet, she still supported Juliet's love. If the Nurse took the side of Lady Capulet and Capulet in forbidding Juliet's love, Juliet would not have had the courage to go against everyone because she is only fourteen, and therefore could have oppressed her love and could have thought of it as an infatuation. But the Nurse stood by Juliet's side and went as far as setting up her wedding night by putting the ladder outside Juliet's room so that Romeo can come. ...read more.


For example he too encouraged their union being fully aware of the situation between the families. He got the pair married, and tied Juliet to vows that she kept until she died. The couple was encouraged by Friar Lawrence, which strengthened the relationship. He was also the one who thought of the plan and made the potion that made her seem dead, which in effect did result in her death. He knew the plan and should have come earlier to her grave thus he could have been able to stop Romeo from taking his own life. It was party his and Friar John's incompetence that lead to the tragic ending. There are many people who are responsible for the tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet. But from the older characters the parents seem to be the most responsible for their death. From the Capulets to Montague, the Capulets seem to be he most responsible. They seem to have had the highest impact on the couple, especially Juliet. Also from the Capulet's household, the Nurse is another character who is responsible in their death, since she has had tremendous influence on Juliet. Finally Friar Lawrence and Friar John carry some of the blame. ...read more.

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