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How far do you agree with the view that The World's Wife is "nothing but feminist propaganda"?

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How far do you agree with the view that The World's Wife is "nothing but feminist propaganda"? I do not agree that The World's Wife is "nothing but feminist propaganda". The World's Wife conveys feminist issues and shows an inequality between men and women but also contains other issues such as social acceptance, self-confidence and love. Most of the poems contain some aspect of feminism and female dominance but most of the poems also contain other important issues. For example Mrs Quasimodo 's main issue within the text is the idea of social acceptance and appearance. Mrs Quasimodo "wed" Quasimodo and believed that she loved him. Mrs Quasimodo uses "stricken bells" to describe the place where they first "fucked". The word "stricken" suggests pain and grief revealing that she felt uncomfortable with where they "fucked". The word "fucked" shows the way that she felt about the act that took place between her and Quasimodo; it implies that she felt unwanted by him and unimportant to him. ...read more.


At the end of the poem Mrs Faust she shows no remorse when her husband dies and enjoys and boasts about the material things that she gains from his death. Mrs Faust showed no pity when her husband died: "Oh, well"; and within the poem straight after the death is mentioned a list of things she gains from his will is shown: "the yacht, the several homes, the Lear jet, the helipad, the loot, et cet, et cet, the lot - to me". This use of the list shows that women are just the same as men and can also be selfish and uncaring. It demonstrates equality between man and women, that they can both be as good and as bad as each other. The poem Queen Herod has both a feminist issue as well as the idea that women can take control of situations and commit a bad act but in sake of a good cause. ...read more.


The Kray Sisters are a female role model for all females and by looking only at this poem the book, The World's Wife could be mistaken for a purely feminist poetry book: "fruits of feminism", this illustrates in the simplest form that the poem is a feminist view point. The poem promotes the feminist viewpoint that men are worthless and that women are better off without them: "A Boyfriend's for Christmas, not just for life", this demonstrates the prejudice towards men and reveals the teaching of the feminist view to the reader. In conclusion the book The World's Wife has many issues addressed within the poems but does not just concentrate on the feminist point of view. The issues raised in the poems are of a wide range but do follow a general pattern of feminist ideas. The ideas of Social acceptance, appearance, love and respect are all brought forward but are easily mistaken for feminist views. Therefore I do not agree that The World's Wife is "nothing but feminist propaganda" but am aware of the feminist issues raised within the poetry. Rachel Bozier 1 ...read more.

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