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How Far Do You Agree With the View That The Worlds Wife is "Nothing But Feminist Propaganda"?

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How Far Do You Agree With the View That The Worlds Wife is "Nothing But Feminist Propaganda"? I do not agree that the collection, The Worlds Wife, is "nothing but feminist propaganda". I must agree that there are a lot of poems within the collection that are feminist in some way or another but there are also others that don't really show a feeling of feminist propaganda at all. 'Propaganda' means "Information given to show something or someone in a biased way" and 'Feminist' means "Women are better than men and so can do everything better than they can" and therefore 'Feminist Propaganda' means "the spread of information about how women are greater than men". This collection does show the empowerment of women throughout the selected poems because of the switch from famous male characters to their female counterparts. "Mrs Quasimodo", "Queen Herod", "The Kray Sisters" and "Little Red Cap" are feminist poems because in all of these poems the women become better off by the end of the poem and show that men are useless. However poems like "Mrs Faust", "Anne Hathaway", "Mrs Midas" and "The Devil's Wife" are not seen to be so strongly linked in with "feminist propaganda", true they are opposites of their famous male counterparts but they do not seem to have messages of feminism within them. "Mrs Quasimodo" is seen to have a very feminist view built into it, Duffy has used Mrs Quasimodo to show feminist views but ...read more.


The Marrying Kind. Adulterer. Bigamist. The Wolf. The Rip. The Rake. The Rat. The Heartbreaker. The Ladykiller. Mr Right". This is a very biased view of the male race as she sees them as these stereotypical men who can do nothing but hurt people and so the best thing to do is to get rid of them before they can hurt her own child. This is usually a father's point of view for his daughter to be 'daddy's little girl' but it is very different in this poem as it is the mother who takes this perception: "No man, I swore, will make her shed a tear". This is a very biased poem as it only has female characters in it and so we, the reader, only get one view. Another poem that gives a feminist view is "The Kray Sisters". This is defiantly the strongest feminist poem in the collection as it shows the reader that women can take on the role of gangsters just like men. This is defiantly shown in the poem as the sisters say that they are the "fruits of feminism". Within the poem there are a lot of lesbian connotations: "straight up, we knew, even then, what we wanted to be; had, you could say, a vocation". Also towards the end of the poem a list of famous female role models are listed that they are friends with, these include "Germaine", "Lulu", "Yoko", "Babs" - referring to Barbara Windsor and "Diana Boors". ...read more.


This poem is defiantly not a feminist poem as it is a love poem between Shakespeare and his wife. "Mrs Midas" is about how her husband asks for the power to turn everything to gold as he is owed a favour by Apollo. However he doesn't think things through and he gets the power to turn everything to gold, including all his food and his most prized possessions, however Mrs Midas doesn't want to be turned to Gold and so he has to move out into a caravan. This poem is not about female superiority at all; it is just about how the man does something reckless and doesn't think about the consequences. "The Devil's Wife" is about the moors murders. This poem defiantly doesn't support the theory that The Worlds Wife is nothing but feminist propaganda. There is a strong mirror image of the actual events that occurred. Duffy wouldn't say that what Mira Hindley did was good in any way, shape or form. This is purely about what happened in the moors murders and the result of it, the title itself shows that The Devils Wife is evil in itself. This proves that The Worlds Wife isn't just a collection of feminist propaganda, it does have other levels too, and it is just that this view of feminism is very strong within the poems and so people just focus of this view. ...read more.

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