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How Far is Juliet's Fate decided by the World in Which She Lives?

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Romeo and Juliet How Far is Juliet's Fate decided by the World in Which She Lives? The fate of Juliet is not solely dependant on her own actions. It is in fact hugely affected by the world around her, and many of the actions of other characters in the play influence her fate. One such character is her father, Lord Capulet. Capulet is one of the major characters that helps decide Juliet's fate, as he is the one who tries to force Juliet into marriage with Paris. He is so angered when she refuses that he quotes "My fingers itch" This shows the true magnitude of his emotions, and what pressure Juliet is under to marry Paris. ...read more.


The Friar appears with Juliet later on in the play. She threatens to kill herself rather than to marry Paris and declares that she will comply with any plan of the Friar's, however desperate. "Twist my extremes and me; this bloody knife shall play the umpire, arbitrating that which the commission of thy years and art could to no issue of true honour bring." Again, the Friar seems to make a rash decision by coming up with the plan using the potion, and perhaps does not think of the possible consequences of his actions. Obviously it is Juliet's decision as what action to take, but she feels so strongly that she would rather die than marry Paris, so she would have followed any plan of the Friar's. ...read more.


It seems that Lawrence should have told John about the significance of the letter, so he would have prioritized more on the delivery. Again, if the letter had been delivered successfully, then the suicides would have been avoided. The County Paris affects Juliet's fate by wishing to marry her. Earlier on in the play, Capulet is fairly decided that he wishes Juliet not to marry for at least two years. Later on however, after being persuaded by Paris, he decides that she shall marry him. Paris puts Juliet under more pressure by visiting her when she goes to seek Friar Lawrence. "Happily met, my lady and my wife!" To describe the fate of Juliet, I would say that it is affected by her to an extent, but more by the world around her. Nick Jones ...read more.

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