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How important is context to our understanding of Churchill's Top Girls?

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´╗┐How important is context to our understanding of Top Girls? The fact that Churchill grew up just before the beginning Second World War tells her background to the audience. What she faced and went through, like the lack and struggle for food and shelter. ?I was horrified by the lack of equality across class, gender and race?- Caryl Churchill England by that time- the 1980s was completely riven with the political instability, the liberalization of sexuality and the period of economic growth. The context of the play is mainly to do with these times but also about Margaret Thatcher, when she came to power and Britain was believed to have more power and influence over industry than the government. ...read more.


As Christopher Innes said:| ?History has a particular significance for the feminist movement?society has been ruled by men, it is seen as promoting a male system of values. Women, relegated to the private sphere, become invisible?? Churchill uses the contrast of freedom and equality, as Margaret Thatcher believed in freedom of the human society and more freedom being about low taxations, whilst others say that if there were freedom, then some would be very high in power and status, and others very low. There is an overall aim to end up in equality. There are also personal ambitions VS family tiers however the context and the background of the 1980s still remain very strong these days. ...read more.


There is some kind of tension show between the world of the child and the world of an adult, as children actually try to act, as adults because of the use of rude language that makes them, in their opinion, seem older. Churchill, wanting to show the dominancy of women, suddenly then making them seem immature and childish, creates this just to receive a shocking reaction from the audience, in order to wake them up. She is need of a reaction of the audience being strong and shocking but thinking in another way, she still has that dominancy present in those characters, as she applies the word ?cunt? that is spoken by a female and written by a female, showing the power present in them. The rudeness of men is applied to female characters Churchill wrote about. By Sohni Ahmed ...read more.

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