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How is humour created and employed in Episode 6 of "Blackadder Goes Forth"

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How is humour created and employed in Episode 6 of "Blackadder Goes Forth"? Episode six of Blackadder Goes Forth is called 'Goodbyeee'. It was written by Ben Elton and Richard Curtis. 'Goodbyeee' is set in World War One, at the battle of the Somme; in the trenches. World War one is a difficult subject but the writers decided to add a humorous edge to highlight the serious issues of war. Blackadder was always shown before the nine o'clock watershed therefore it is suitable for all ages of viewers. There are many types of humour used throughout programmes over the years: Firstly - the physical world letting people down. This is often houses collapsing, or cars running away. An example of this type of comedy is featured in "The Chuckle Brothers". Secondly - the absurd. This type of humour is typical in cartoons, where injuries are never permanent. Commonly used in "The Simpsons" or "Tom and Jerry". Thirdly - sexual innuendos. This is where one character will say something innocent; this could be "Show us your jugs love". It is implied to the audience that this is a sexual comment, but as the camera turns to the female, she would be holding two jugs of water. ...read more.


In the next section of the scene, we are introduced to General Melchett. He does not have to live in the trenches; he is a higher ranking member of the army. Like Lieutenant George, General Melchett is a public school boy, who is well educated, but has no real understanding of war and death. General Melchett thinks that the men who are fighting in the war are just numbers, not lives that are being thrown away. He talks about war in sporting terms "we ducked and we bobbed and we wove and we damn well won the game 15-4" Earlier in the scene, we hear Baldrick tell Blackadder what he has been making coffee from for the last thirteen months; since they ran out of real coffee. It had been made from "hot mud, saliva, and dandruff". At this point in the scene, Baldrick offers Officer Darling a cup of coffee. Being unaware of what the coffee is actually made from, Officer Darling gladly accepts, adding that he would like a 'milky one'. This is dramatic irony because only the audience realise what Darling is going to receive in his coffee cup. Baldrick disappears to make the coffee, the camera cuts from the room, but a horrible 'throaty' noise can be heard from outside the 'dug-out'. ...read more.


The gunfire had stopped they attempted to swap cigarette cards, and had broken Christmas greetings for each other. When asked if he could remember the Christmas Truce, Blackadder replies "Remember? How could I forget? There was no way I was off-side". This again is adding a humorous edge to a serious situation. At the end of the episode, the soldiers take their positions at the bottom of the ladders that they will climb to go "over the top". A steady drumbeat is played; this is intended to give the effect of an approaching execution. The whistle is blown and all men advance up the ladders and "over the top". All the characters yell, the German soldiers open fire before they're even off the ladders. The scene changes to slow motion and explosions happen all around them. An echoed piano slowly plays the theme tune; this is a very emotive device, as it creates a sombre atmosphere. The view of the soldiers on the battlefield surrounded by barbed wire, slowly changes into the field as it was in 1989. Overgrown with poppies, grasses and other flowers; peaceful with chirping birds. This emotive dramatic device creates a very dark and sombre atmosphere for the episode and series to end on. I would like to think that the writers purposefully showed the image of the battlefield with poppies, to pay respect to all those who died in the war. Nathan Smith ...read more.

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