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How is language used to represent gender in text H, a selfhelp guide/survival guide for men who go shopping with their girlfriend?

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´╗┐How is language used to represent gender in text H? The genre of text H is seen to be a self-help guide/survival guide for men who have decided to go shopping with their girlfriend, or wide. The text is specifically designed to be humorous, as it is seen as being a parody of a legitimate advisory manual, with an intended purpose to entertain and instruct. ?How to stay alive?, the previous quote indicates the levels of humour seen throughout, indicating that you almost need this guide if you are planning on surviving whilst out shopping with your ?lady?. This implies that the experience is rather scary and rare on behalf of men, suggesting that you run the risk of death, when in fact the intended meaning is to be humorous towards the intended male audience. ...read more.


If the text were to be targeted to an older age group, then a different film reference would be used, as they may not have understood the quote, or even seen the film. The lexis in the text is linked to certain female interests such as ?diamond slippers?, which are deliberately exaggerated to add affect, and to suggest that females are both needy and expensive. The discourse structure on the text is the introduction used at the beginning to illustrate the content shown below. This can be seen as being a problem/solution discourse, as the text is covering aspects of what to do when in that type of situation. The text is extremely stereotypical in numerous amounts of ways. ...read more.


The sentences used in the text are varied, including simple sentences such as ?keep it simple? and compound sentences which are used to explain the advice being given. This ensures that the information is laid out as clearly and correctly as possible, to avoid confusion on the readers behalf. The use of the second person pronoun directly addresses the male audience, whilst the third person pronoun is used throughout to refer to the audience?s girlfriends. This is present throughout the text, as that? is what the text is based on The use of addresses such as ?she, her? addresses the girlfriends, and refers to a wider audience rather than one individual. However, the use of the first person pronoun and direct address, such as ?you?, makes the text seem more personal as if it is addressing each and every person separately that ids reading the text. ...read more.

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