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How is the poetry of 1914 different from earlier war poetry.

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How is the poetry of 1914 different from earlier war poetry. The Traditional Poems written before the first world war in 1914 were about Heroism and the war being glorious,the men were persuaded to join the army and were told that it was good to fight for your country.The war was thought to be exciting glamorous and the soldiers were heroes,the war was thought to be romantic and the women loved men in uniforms. World war I Poety was different from earlier poetry as owen was telling his own experience that war isn't Heroic or glamourous.The Soldier Rupert Brooke 1887-1915,If I should die,think only this of me:That there's some corner of a foreign Field That is for ever England .There shall be In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;A dust whom England bore,Shaped,made aware,Gave,once,her flowers to love,her ways to roam,A body's of England's breathing English air,Washed by the rivers,blest by suns of home.The soldier Rupert Brooke was saying that if he dies in a field he wants to be remembered as a hero.Peace Rupert Brooke 1881-1915,Now God be thanked who has matched us with his honour,And caught our youth,and wakened us from sleeping.He's thanking god for waking him from his sleep and telling them what they have to do go and fight for their country. ...read more.


bitterness he has naturally for the army but the situation as a whole.Owne adds more examples of this throughout the last stanza.Owens main question to the reader in the last stanza is before going into the army think carefully of what you are doing as you will see something in great contrast to what you may have imagined.It will be like hell. The poem is describing a terrible shocking daeth by gas,how can it be sweet and honourable to die like this?This is the contry that sold him the old lie and he was decieved by those who told him. "Dolce et Decorum est pro patria maria." In "Disabled" owen is describing someone that he knew in the army .This man was in the scottish regiment.He has had his legs blown off. He has no legs and his arm is "Sewn at the elbow".He is in an institute, a nursing home.He waits for dark because then things will be quiet and he can hide in the darkness he is disillusioned with life and is waiting to die .He hears voices of the boys singing,these are voices of children playing just as he had once played.Perhaps they are playing at war acting out what it would be like if the went to war when they grow up. ...read more.


"Disabled".This is in my opinion the most moving of the stories as it represents a mans struggle for his life.This man can offer nothing to his country now.He can't even offer himself something that he feels will make his saying alive worth it.While some of the soldiers in"Dolce et"survived the gas attack this mans soul has in effect died.He has lost his colour and can't get used to the fact of being untouchable. I find "Dolce et Decorum" to be the most powerful of the two poems .My reasons are as follows.Although "Disabled"is very good ,very powerful poem in its own right it only describes the view of one person in the army .I think that what makes "Dolce est" so powerful is that owen speaks for the masses in the army when he talks of the daily horrifying sights and regular attempts by the Germans to gas them.Reading these poems can enlighten a person.Mnay peole say that they live stressful lives and are undre extreme pressure.If you think of what these young men have gone through it can put a lot of things into perspective .Day in day out these menn had to have the weight of a nation on their shoulders this is before they have to dodge land mines and gas attacks. ...read more.

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