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How long have I been sat here now? The watch says... 7.25PM. One minute more, then I'll walk down the stairs to the train. Mmm, warm hands at least now; coffee can have multiple uses I see.

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Travelogue It's cold. I'm cold. So cold that I can just see the smallest little flakes of snow beginning to fall from the night sky. Well not that I can see the sky, I can't even tell if its cloudy, the orange glow and the glare of street lamps mask everything above me. Hang on; it's snowing, so it has to be cloudy, ha! Let me check my watch; it says 7:00PM, I think it's usually a few minutes fast. Such a tacky and cheap watch it was, straight from Argos's bargain section to replace the beautiful, expensive Italian one I had stolen at school. But need over nice! 7:00PM means my train isn't for another 30 minutes, but a nice, well-lit train station is looking much more appealing than loitering around on some dark, dank, and downright dangerous Nottingham streets! Ah here's the bridge, I can see down river at a pair of small but long... ...read more.


It would still be fun though! But let's just get to the station shall we legs? One foot after the other, left and right, damn I really like my shoes, so sparkly, I love that little shoe shop near the church, they have the cutest shoes, even if they do cost a bomb. Am I worth it? Hell yes! But if I don't walk a little faster, those 2 thuggish looking brutes that are about 10 metres behind me will get a little too close for comfort. I can see you two you know! In the reflection of the glass of the bus stop ahead of me, you fools! Damn you're UGLY, you like someone has slammed a cheap and nasty cheese and tomato Pizza with a concrete base into your face! It's lucky I'm not downwind, they look like they smell bad too! Ugh. Well at least the station is like 20 metres away, when I get there I can stand near the coffee shop. ...read more.


Where my train? There's 3... one says LONDON DIRECT on the front, so let's forget that one. London is a bigger, smellier dive than Nottingham! The one on the opposite platform is clean, shiny and looks very fast, so let's forget that one, I wouldn't be that lucky. This has to be mine: graffiti covered. Way to go MIZTER X, your work hasn't gone unnoticed. But it has already been forgotten. On I get to the rust bucket. This makes that rotten old canal boat look like a Formula 1 car. Sigh. "Tickets Please" Upper left coat pocket: where is it, I know you're there. No? Lower right pocket: I can't even get my fingers in there, way too tight, so that's a no. Where are the rest of my pockets?! "Tickets duck?" Ah that duck would be me. Not to worry, I'll just buy a single home. Purse out my pocket, and it's... empty? Bare, barren, devoid of money. "Have you not got a ticket?" Damn that coffee. ...read more.

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