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How relationships are presented in "The Great Gatsby", "The Kite Runner" and "My Last Duchess".

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Write about the way relationships are presented in three texts you have studied? Relationships that Fitzgerald depicted in his novel, The Great Gatsby symbolize the materialism and hedonism that were prevalent in 1920s American society. The relationships are marked by trouble, infidelity, and eventually sorrow among all the characters involved. Despite Tom and Daisy Buchanan's appearance of happiness, it seems that there is discontentment underlying their marriage. Daisy expresses sadness and regret due to Tom's unfaithfulness to her and wishes that her daughter be "beautiful little fool" therefore will be oblivious of the cruel things in the world. Showing that her relationship with Tom is a distressed one, and that she wishes she was unable to see the failures within her relationship. Pathetic fallacy is used when Daisy and Gatsby are due to meet, as it rains on the day that Gatsby and Daisy are due to meet representing how Gatsby feels, he becomes extremely apprehensive. Fitzgerald presents Gatsby as a man who cannot help but live in the past, he longs to stop time, as though he and Daisy had never been separated and as though she had never left him to marry Tom. During their meeting, Nick remarks that he is acting like "a little boy." In Daisy's presence, Gatsby loses his usual debonair manner and behaves like any awkward young man in love. ...read more.


Their relationship shows how loyalty and trust are crucial to a real brotherly bond. Hassan shows absolute loyalty to Amir and he never wavers in his love for him however Amir sometimes feels superior to Hassan and he is jealous of him at times, "When it comes to words, Hassan is an imbecile." Amir feels the need to ridicule Hassan he is jealous of him, he later on redeems his relationship with Hassan by saving his son Sohrab. The boy's relationship can only ever truly be open and honest when they are at the pomegranate tree, the tree has important significance to their relationship as it is the only place they can ever truly be equal, when they are at the tree, the social hierarchy is abandoned and they are free to play together without judgment, however when their relationship dies so does the tree. Amir's relationship with Kabul, is strained just as his relationship with his father, as he realises once told by Farid "You've always been a tourist here. You just didn't know it." His relationship with Kabul is strained because unlike America he does not have the opportunities that he want, for in his country being a writer is seen as a more feminine occupation, therefore put more strain on his relationship with Baba as he is not the athletic strong son he wants, when Farid exclaims this to Amir he realises that the country he once thought was his own ...read more.


The Duke seems to have a stronger relationship with the portrait than he ever did with his wife, as he is able to control who sees it, "The curtain I have drawn" indicating that he feels he should be able to treat women as objects within his relationships. Also the way she is called "My Last Duchess" "Last" indicating that she was not the first person he has been in a relationship with, that he has not approved of other duchesses thus setting a sinister tone for the reader to assume he has had other duchess's that he has not approved of killed before. The relationship the Duke has with himself, is the most poignant in the poem as, he constantly refers to his wealth and power, for example his "nine hundred years old name" showing just how much he believes that his own importance is above anything else, also the way he uses repetition to show his wealth that "Fra Pandolf" has painted this portrait, reinforcing that he wants people to know that he is to be looked upon as important and feels he should be put on a pedestal, and anyone that may get in his way will pay the consequences, just as the quote "As if alive" indicates. He does not need a real relationship, as he is far to self indulged with his relationship with himself. ...read more.

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