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How the theme of deception is presented in extracts from Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea The extract I have chosen from Jane Eyre is from chapter 19,

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How the theme of deception is presented in extracts from "Jane Eyre" and "Wide Sargasso Sea" The extract I have chosen from Jane Eyre is from chapter 19, in this extract a fortune teller appears at Thornfield halls and Jane's fortune is being read. In Jane Eyre, Mr Rochester has used an illusion of being a gypsy teller to deceive Jane. This is significant as it shows the reader that Mr Rochester is constantly trying to be in control of everyone that is why he is playing mind games with Jane by deceiving her. The extract from wide Sargasso Sea is from part two and in this extract Antoinette visits Christophine for a love potion as she is a mater in obeah magic. In this extract Antoinette is seeking to deceive Mr Rochester into loving her by getting the love potion. This is significant as Antoinette trying to deceive Mr Rochester shows her vulnerability as she is deceiving herself into believing that this potion will restore their love. ...read more.


From reading Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre as a child Jean Rhys took an interest in the upbringing of the West Indian madwomen, Antoinette. Then when she was older decided to "write her a life" this lead to one of the most famous prequels, Wide Sargasso Sea. The novel was published in the 20th century and is a piece of post-colonial literature. This allowed the readers to see the full amount of destruction and abuse that took place amongst Rochester's and Jane's relationship and it symbolises what was going on during the colonization and the relationships between masters and slaves. The main Genre of Jane Eyre is Gothic fiction and I think that this genre is explored through the character of Bertha Mason as she brings out all the key elements of a gothic genre such as the supernatural, madness, secrecy, horror, paranoia, violence and obsession. Apart from Bertha there are many other symbols of the gothic style such as the red room, the attack and even in my chosen extract with the fortune teller. ...read more.


This use of a magic potion also relates to the gothic genre. She wants to deceive Mr. Rochester into loving her however she does not realise that by doing this she is only deceiving herself into believing such "foolishness." By pleading for this potion it contrasts with the first perception we have of her which is a strong minded female, she is know showing her vulnerable side and she is showing the readers that she has a low opinion of herself; this links back to the context of the novel showing the attitudes of black people being seen more lowly than the whites. There is use of diachronic change in both of the novels; however it is presented in different ways. Because Jane Eyre was written in the 19th century it has a complex structure and uses a lot of sophisticated words. Whereas wide Sargasso Sea is more of a prosaic novel and a lot of the dialogue is written in patois, the novel gets straight to the point and does not waste time of describing unnecessary attributes. ...read more.

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