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How to be a good coach

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How to Be a Good Coach A good coach must first have discipline, as discipline is the key and foundation to any coaching job regardless of the sport. Students who lack discipline will also lack structure, which makes a coach's job a lot harder. The coach needs to make sure she establishes disciplinary system from day one that sets the standards for the team. She should have the respect from each of her players, not as a friend but as the coach. She should also provide support for her students as well as constructive criticism. ...read more.


Every team has a star player but one player doesn't make a team. Often times the star player likes to undermine the coach and do what they want because they don't think the coach will bench them. The coach needs to stand firm and use the disciplinary plan she created. Treating the star player different from the rest of the team will cause major problems with the rest of the team. A good coach, although strict most of the time, can also loosen up with the students, too. She needs to remain strong most of the time, but can give the team a day off if games are far between or they have worked extra hard for a period of time. ...read more.


A good coach is always learning new techniques, attending sports clinics, is up on the latest rehab for injuries, and seeks out help and tips from other coaches and athletes. Motivation and helping students achieve their goals is another quality of a good coach. She helps the players believe in themselves as well as making practices challenging and fun. She never puts a player down instead praises them. Leading by example is another trait for a good coach. She sets out rules for her team and follows them herself. She is a model of integrity, dignity, and honesty. She always maintains a positive attitude. A good coach is committed to her profession and to her team. She is doing this because she loves it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Brooke McLemore English Comp 1 1/25/2011 ...read more.

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