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How would you direct the scenes depicting love between Titania and bottom to show the differences between the Mortal and Immortal worlds and to bring out Shakespeare’s humour?

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How would you direct the scenes depicting love between Titania and bottom to show the differences between the Mortal and Immortal worlds and to bring out Shakespeare's humour? I am going to study and then direct the scenes that depict the similarities and differences between the Mortal and Immortal worlds. To do this, I had to study, Act 3 Scene 1, lines 109 - 196, in which Bottom's head, has been changed into an asses; and Titania (the queen of the fairies) has fallen in love with him due to a love potion thought up by the powerful Oberon. And Act 4 Scene 1, lines 1 - 102, this scene is showing that Oberon has found out about Titania falling in love with Bottom, so he tries to undo the spell. Through directing this, I shall show lighting, the purpose of characters, etc in relation to the movements and use of voice by characters in William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'. This play is thought to have been written for a Wedding at Wilton House in Wiltshire, and was first performed in front of a guest of honour. This guest was, Queen Elizabeth 1, so it must have been an important wedding. William Shakespeare wrote this play with a great amount of thought. He might have based Theseus, on The Lord of the Manor at Wilton House, to whom he is performing the play at the wedding. ...read more.


The rhyme is not a perfect rhyme, but the words do sound alike. Bottom is told by Titania that "Thou art wise as thou art beautiful" (Act 3 Scene 1 line 144) which has a double meaning. It can mean in Titanias eyes that he is clever because of his beauty, but as the audience and Shakespeare know that Bottom's head is an asses, then theoretically he was as clever as an ass. So Shakespeare is saying to the audience that the characters are "not as wise as thou art beautiful". Which brings me to Act 3 Scene 1. This scene is one that I shall be directing and staging. I shall start with the costumes, which I think will be lavish and wild. The costume of Titania will be very daunting to the characters of Puck and other minor fairies. Titania and her minor fairies will have frizzy hair that spans a metre in diameter and is glinting with glitter. Bottom shall be in a shirt, waistcoat, and jacket but no tie. The jacket will be tweed and brown trousers. This will be common dress for all the mechanicals to state that no one of them is any better than the rest. The costumes are designed to look silly and will show the humour of Shakespeare in a childish format. ...read more.


The message that I want to give to the audience is that the play, or from Act 3 through to Act 4 is set all in one night; and all that has happened is a dreamy, unrealistic account of a weaver that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. My staging of the play will be interesting, visually and linguistically. With the scenery as I placed, and the props as I have mentioned, will make it easier to perform and understand the play from the viewpoint of the audience. The bright lights may effect people medically, but they will add atmosphere to the slow moving scenes in the fairies environment. The music in the fairies environment will be fast but quiet due to the speaking of important actors and actresses. The language I hope will be fluent and will add character to the play along with the casting and lighting. The music will be mainly classical, with an orchestra, so that the characters actions can be magnified with extra depth. The male characters in the play can have a deeper pitched instrument. Then female characters can have higher pitched instruments. Running and partying can be expressed with quick jerky sounds. The scenes of love between Titania and Bottom can be played by a gentle stringed instrument ie. The Harp. Overall, I hope that the play will be enjoyed by both younger and older members of the public, and can confidently demonstrate my version of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Ben Martin ...read more.

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