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Howdoes language development influence the child's written language ability?

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How does language development influence the child's written language ability? Language development milestones Language and communication The way the brain processes information in the form of external stimuli i.e. words spoken or visual symbols, is called decoding. The process of producing response (by spoken or written language) is called encoding. The interrelationship between decoding and encoding is most apparent when a child is learning. A student regularly has to face situations where he has to respond either verbally or through writing. If the child's brain has properly decoded the sensory input, it can encode the sensory output. Delayed language acquisition is primary symptom of a possible language disorder. If the typical progression from cooing to babbling to speaking isolated words does not occur, then by the time such a child reach school he will have problems with names of colors, days of week etc, things that other children will have no problems with. ...read more.


Behaviors that may indicate problems with expressive language include: * Difficulty remembering the desired word when speaking or writing * Rude or immature use of language * Problems in developing and using new vocabulary * Talking about unrelated topics * Failure to maintain proper "social graces" in social situations * Making up stories or explanations for situations * Hyper verbal or rapid, non-stop talking * Lengthy, unorganized explanations * Retelling the same story over and over * Difficulty writing sentences * Decreased ability to spell words correctly Written language problems Planning to write utilizes the same language production processes as speech production; though reading and writing tend to have their own conduct and do not develop naturally as speech. The written language is also more complex because it has no voice that can give away the meaning. Before children learn to read and write, they master the use of spoken words. ...read more.


A child should enter first grade with the majority of the language needed for learning. Problems in understanding language will affect almost every aspect of school: following directions, learning vocabulary, understanding instruction, reading comprehension, etc. Problems in using language are often seen in children who do not understand. Some children understand spoken language but have difficulty expressing them selves. A common problem seen in expressive language is difficulty recalling words they know (word retrieval problems). These children understand the word, know it when they hear it, but cannot always call it up when they need it. Such children will have problems in written language. Written language is the ultimate, most complex method of expression. It involves infinitely complex multiple brain mechanisms, highly synchronized processing and has multiple sources and locations for the disruption of activity. In order for language to develop in a manner that it should exposure is very important. Oral language is important for social development and effective communication, as well as being the foundation for school learning. Problems in this area should not be overlooked or disregarded. Sheema Sheikh Page 3 5/9/2007 ...read more.

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