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However Macbeth tries to escape the Witch's wicked, but truthful words, he may also have brought his fate upon himself

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Macbeth Essay Many issues contrive from whether or not one's fate is in the hands of some higher power, or maybe that one is the creator of his own destiny. William Shakespeare creates a world in which prophecies and predictions lay out one man's life in front of him. Although this man knows these things he however tries to fight his demise by attempting to alter the future. This man is called Macbeth and he learns that he is caught in an inescapable whirlpool drawing him to his death, and it seems he is powerless to stop it. The Witch's are super natural beings who predict the future. They meet with Macbeth and Banquo in Act 1 scene 3 of the play. It is here that Macbeth's life changes, the Witch's greet Macbeth in an odd way. "All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor! "All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis! "All hail, Macbeth! ...read more.


However after the Witch's predictions he changes and becomes cruel and vile. Although the Witch's predictions play a great part in Macbeth's downfall, he took most of the predictions to the extreme. We know Macbeth was told that he was to be, the king hereafter, how did he not know if he was to wait till the present king died. That may well have been the intent of the prediction, but Macbeth instead murders the king and begins to sink even lower in his evil ways. After this he twist many of the predictions out of proportion, He fears and hates Banquo because he is fated to have his children become kings. Macbeth sees this as a threat and has him and his soon murdered (however Banquo's son Fleance escapes). After this he has Macduff's family killed because of a prediction, this act may not have been what the Witch's had in mind, but only that Macbeth should be wary of Macduff, not have his kids and wife murdered. ...read more.


This is rather ironic because if Macbeth had been successful in killing Macduff he may have lived, however it seems this was not what actually occurred. As you have seen many events lead to Macbeth's death. It seems to me that Macbeth was from the beginning fated to carry out his fate. Some people may see this differently, but Macbeth the fact is also there that he may have brought about this fate by his own actions. How does one know if Macbeth was meant to kill the king, or wait till after his death. The predictions of the Witch's were just those, predictions. Macbeth took them to the extreme level and ended up paying for it, however we don't know which way the Witch's had intended their predictions to be token. Shakespeare is rather vague on this subject. It seems that many key points were to play in Macbeth's demise however he tried to avert them he was either fated to carry it out or may have just had really bad luck. The Witch's predictions and his own actions and reactions to them caused his death. Macbeth Essay Can. No.: 3134 David Osborne ...read more.

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