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Humans are the only species that have evolved an advanced system of communication between individuals.

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Humans are the only species that have evolved an advanced system of communication between individuals. Language is not a true instinct, it has to be learned, however, no language has been deliberately invented; it has been slowly and unconsciously developed. 1 The statement that "All of the Ways of Knowing are controlled by language" is based upon bias, and thus not everyone will agree with it because there isn't enough evidence to support this statement. However, there is a certain relationship between perception, emotion, reason and language, which is crucial to our survival, and helps us through these Ways of Knowing to achieve our best potential. First of all, we must examine the relationship between the Ways of Knowing. It seems clear that language and perception have something to do with each other. Perception is the basic component in the formation of a concept. We know that we can describe what we perceive using words and can also imagine what is described to us in words. However, we believe language and perception are deeply interrelated in ways that go beyond these connections. ...read more.


In the third century BC, Aristotle considered emotion an experiencing and evaluating stimuli that weights experiences taking into account the potential for gain or pleasure. This definition represents the first signs of dualism, the belief that mind and body are two completely different entities. 2 Unfortunately, the consequence of this belief suggested by Aristotle is that mind and body were studied like two isolated separate subjects. Today, emotion is considered to be any strong feeling. For much of history, emotions and reason have been viewed as somehow separate. Reason is an explanation of the cause of some phenomenon. There is no longer any doubt that reason operates not in spite of emotional processing, but because of it. In a way, something that appears rational to us may appear rational because it fills the proper emotional role for a solution, not because they are really the best solution. We need to be properly wary of our own conclusions, recognizing that we may be sure that we are right for the wrong reasons. This should hardly be news because we all know that many solutions to many pressing are adopted for short-term reasons rather than because they make the most rational sense in the long run. ...read more.


But human beings try to manage through various symbols, which indicate special things. However, a cause, which may affect ones perception, is ones surroundings. Quality and use of language is associated with surrounding. In my opinion, maintaining social relationships is the principal function of human language. Expectation, assumptions and especially beliefs greatly affect perceptions because perception is a recognition of things using senses, and as I mentioned before everyone has various beliefs and uses different senses. There are a lot of bias points of view, and it is extremely hard to deal with them because sometimes we just can't recognize what is right and what is wrong. I think that knowers indeed need to carefully examine their own perceptual filter, their beliefs, and make sure that they can prove indeed their discoveries. If someone states that "All of the other Ways of Knowing are controlled by language" they need to have enough evidence to support their claim because most people need evidence in order to believe in something. For example, many scientists performed various experiments either to prove or disapprove their theory. In my opinion, all the Ways of Knowing are equal in their importance and it rather absurd to state that language controls others because this statement lacks evidence to support itself. ...read more.

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