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I have been given seven different newspaper articles to analyse. All the articles are from the weekend after the Friday's disappointing 2-1 defeat against Brazil.

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English Coursework Media Assignment Scott Pearce 10A I have been given seven different newspaper articles to analyse. All the articles are from the weekend after the Friday's disappointing 2-1 defeat against Brazil. They are also about England's success in the World Cup 2002. I have to write and explain about how the writers puts across the message to the readers. The first article I read was out of The Sun and was written by a reporter named Martin Phillips. The reporter puts across the message that English football has been reborn. He writes about how the Japanese were expecting violence and hooliganism but instead they got confident and passionate fans that were there for the beauty of football. The headline "Has this World Cup seen the rebirth of England?" is telling the readers that it is now safe to fly the St.George flag with pride, without people complaining about racism. I think there has been a big change in the English supporters, as at every World Cup they always choose someone to blame. This time David Beckham told the fans that "Seaman is not to blame" and the English fans didn't blame him, instead they stood proud of what our team have done. ...read more.


Although starting on a negative note it finishes very positively by saying "So don't let us dwell on yesterdays defeat, let us look forward to the victories to come". My next article "Learning to love glorious failure" was written by a reporter called Martin Kelner and was taken out of The Guardian. This article starts off by talking about all the school children who were allowed the day off school to watch the football. This put across a message that everyone was watching that glorious failure. It then says that everyone got their hopes up when Owen scored. Well I certainly did. Then when Ronaldinho scored everyone's happiness changed to sheer disappointment. Most people said that it was a fluke and was meant to be a cross but not Gazza. He thought he shaped up for a shot. His exact words were "Eshay Ooferit" The match shown on TV had great support, panellist Gary Neville was on ITV and he said "I think there will be wild celebrations over the weekend" but he didn't think that they would be in "Rio". What he means by this is he thought England were going to win meaning the celebrations would be in England not Rio. ...read more.


It's just getting stupid and unreal football has become an overpaid business. I then moved onto my last article "Why flying the flag bought out the best in the English" written by Patrick Collins taken from The Mail on Sunday. This article picks out the memory of two men standing in the middle of the field at the end of the Brazil game. David Seaman, who was in tears, and David Beckham, who was doing his job as captain. As it says "David Beckham revealed qualities of stirring leadership" This article was represented with a cartoon picture were Beckham was protecting Seaman with the St. George flag. This shows that although we lost we are still proud as a country. This article puts across the message that Seaman was not to blame and all we can do now is look forward to the future. Also in this article is a bit about Wimbledon. Hopefully we can do well in the tennis. Looking at all of the articles I have read, most of them talk more about being proud than about our disappointment. Which I think is a positive remark although we had just been knocked out of the World Cup. This shows that despite defeat we still stand proud as a country and hope for future victories. . ...read more.

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