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I will produce the play in Las Vegas so I can create a modern effect towards Shakepears Romeo & Juliet.

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I will produce the play in Las Vegas so I can create a modern effect towards Shakepears Romeo & Juliet. I've chosen to produce Act 1 Scene 1, because it will show the tension between the two families already before the film unfolds. The scene has lots of action and there's a variety of things happening. The Montague's own a casino called Gamblers Paradise. The Capulets are also in the gambling business; their casino is called Snake Eyes. There is a massive rivalry between them because of the substantial amount of money involved and the intense competition. Tybalt wants to shut the Montague's business for good. The servants are employees of their families casino's, and the Prince is the head of the F.B.I. Leading up to the scene There will be a short clip showing how the feud between the two families began. The Montague's were situated there first. Their income was soaring through the roof, until the Capulets arrived and opened their newly built casino adjacent to them. The Montague's income plummeted dramatically and they were infuriated about it. So they began their plan to make the Capulets lives hell. Characters Montague's: Romeo - Jay z Benvolio - Bruce Willis Montague - B.I.G Lady Montague - Whoopi Goldberg Abraham - Jackie Chan Capulet's: Tybalt - Nicholas Cage Sampson - Mathew Perry ...read more.


Abraham walks over to them. Then suddenly he lashes out with a punch to Gregory. The camera moves to the right and zooms in on the action. The fight is interrupted by the appearance of Benvolio. Benvolio enters and shouts, "Part, fools! Put up your hands; you know not what you do." Tybalt stampedes through the door with attitude and says, "What art thou drawn among these heartless hinds? Turn thee, Benvolio, look upon thy death." Benvolio replies, "I do but keep the peace. Put up thy hand, or it to part these men with me." "What, drawn and talk of peace? I hate the word, as I hate hell, all Montague's, and thee. Have at thee, coward." Tybalt replies with anger. Then Abraham pulls out a gun, he is extremely nervous at this moment in time. Sweat runs slowly down his forehead. Sampson kicks the gun out of Abraham's clench fist. Gregory does a backward roundhouse kick to the face of Abraham, who is stunned. The camera switches behind Abraham and zooms out a bit. He flies through the air and crashes onto a table with a bone-breaking thump. The camera is now at a bird's eye view of the crisis. Abraham is bleeding from several places and he is unconscious. ...read more.


This will help because they will be able to see how they react to situations and also how they act afterwards. The majority of shakespears books are very complex and not so easy to understand, therefore making this film will make it easier for the audience to see and understand the characters behaviour. It also helps them take all the information in quicker and easier because they can see what's happening, like emotions such as the intense venom the two families have towards each other. * What dramatic devices have you used, and what effects do you want them to have on your audience? I used music to set the scene and the mood of the character to make the audience feel the emotion that the character is feeling. I also used the camera angles to show different views of a scene or situation. During the fight scene where Gregory does a backwards roundhouse kick to Abraham, the camera pans out behind Abraham so that the audience captures the full affect of the kick. Just before the fight starts the camera enters the caf� and circulates the caf� anti-clockwise so the audience can view the full perimeter of the caf�. Summary I think I've done really well on this assignment. I have organised my chosen scene very well; there are lots of uses of cameras. There's lots of different moods and tension in this scene. 1 ...read more.

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