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identifying the learning support of dyslexic pupils

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" When identifying the learning support of dyslexic pupils, the same underlying principle of careful assessment of skills and strategies should apply to literacy and numeracy. Discuss the implications for classroom practice. In this essay I will be discussing the importance of careful assessment in the management of dyslexia with particular reference to literacy and numeracy and the subsequent implications that this will have on classroom practice. Current theory shows that although there is no one definition for dyslexia it is widely recognised as being a specific learning disability of neurological origin that does not imply ...read more.


produced the following definition; "Dyslexia is a neurological condition, which is constitutional in origin. The symptoms may affect many areas of learning and function and may be described as a specific difficulty in reading , spelling , and written language. One or more of these areas may be affected.Numeracy ,notational skills (music), may also be involved. However ,it is particularly related to mastering written language, although oral language may be affected to some degree." The Dyslexia Institute (1997)defined dyslexia as "a problem dealing with words and symbols that make it hard for a dyslexic person to learn to read write and spell and sometimes causes difficulty with mathematics and music". ...read more.


A dyslexic pupil may have problems with word retrieval and pronounciaton ,difficulties with rhyme and alliteration, sequencing problems and naming.Singleton an E.P(2000)proposes that a delay in producing a word may be due to a slight lapse between hearing the words and understanding them displaying an ineffiency in aural processing possible connected with short term memory.Snowling(Wagtendonk and Stafford(1988) ?found that dyslexics have phonological difficulties originating within spoken language and had problems retrieving phonological information from long term memory.He ,among others also found that as well as having problems with speech production,dyslexics could have problems with the segmentation processes that mediate between speech perception and speech production. ...read more.

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