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Imagine you are a soldier writing home from the front. Write about what you see and feel – describe your conditions and the attitude of your fellow soldiers

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11.11.00 Charlotte Rolling Loughborough High School Mrs. Young Imagine you are a soldier writing home from the front. Write about what you see and feel - describe your conditions and the attitude of your fellow soldiers December 2nd 1914 To my dearest Rose, I hope that you and the children are well and that you are not worrying about me too much. I arrived here in Ypres about a week ago and I realise now that nothing could have prepared me for what I am experiencing. Unfortunately I have some bad news. When the war first began about four months ago the country was told that it would be over by Christmas. I was glad about this because it meant that we would be able to spend Christmas as a family in peace and not only would it be a celebration of Christmas to us, but a celebration of the ending of the war. Now all this is not going to be possible because yesterday we were told that the war might not be over for another twelve months. This upset me greatly as I hate the thought of not being able to spend Christmas with you, Hugh and Betty and seeing there little smiling faces as they open their gifts. ...read more.


It's one of the worst sights I have ever seen. More people are dying now and the sights are repulsive. All I can hope is that the war will be over soon and I can home to see you. I love you all with all my heart and I really hope that I can see you soon. All my love Charles xxxxxxx September 19th 1916 To my dearest Rose, How are you? I hope Hugh, Betty and yourself are well. I am missing all of you so much and I am crying as I write this. I was talking, just the other day to a fellow soldier. He has a pregnant wife and another two children. Yesterday he was shot. His death has made me think about how many more Daddy's there are fighting in this war and how many children have been left without a Dad because of this. It's terrible. Living in these trenches in horrendous. Last night we had a terrible thunderstorm. A terrific amount of rain fell into the trenches and they now all look like rivers. Many of the soldiers have spent days knee-deep in water or mud and because of this they are suffering from a disease called trench foot. This is where the foot swells up three times their normal size and goes completely dead. ...read more.


I also want to thank you for my wonderful life that I have with you because if I didn't have you my life would be nothing. If I die the only thing I ask of you is to think about me every day remember the joyful times we have had together and forget about the unfavourable times. I've written a poem for you and I would ask you to read it to Hugh and Betty for me as well. It's just a message to tell you that I will always be there with you no matter what. It'll Happen Again I'll see you again whether it's in this life or another. I'll hear you again whether it's for real or just in prayer. I'll caress you again either with my arms or a soft breeze on a summer's day. I'll comfort you again either by holding you or your thoughts of me. I'll touch you again either with a living hand or through words from my heart. I'll think about you always whether it's here or in heaven. I'll love you always as I have always done because my love for you is everlasting, Yesterday, today, tomorrow and all eternity. With all my love from the heart Charles xxxxxxxx A telegram was sent to Rose Thomas at the same time that this letter was sent. Charles Thomas died, just a few hours after he had written it. ...read more.

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