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In Cold Blood: Creative Writing. Alvin Dewey, A Monologue.

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´╗┐Alvin Dewey A Monologue: There is always a story behind every murder, a motive, some form of justification. Every psychopath, every savage, every lunatic misanthrope has a reason to end a life. Whether it is vengeance, hatred, lust or just that sheer thrill of playing God, that desire of watching the world set in flames, ripping itself apart to pieces. All these years, that I have worked in the force, I have seen cases that have stirred my very beliefs, ones that have made me question my profession, my morals and my religion. Crime can be punished through law, it can be resolved with retribution but it does not bring back the victims of the crime, it does not resolve the essence of the crime, it does not cure the crime and the wounds that crime has birthed. ...read more.


I knew Mr. Clutter well? I would say that he was a passionate man who lived up to his morals and family. He reminded me of my own old man... I can only be half of the father they were? How I despise myself, loathe myself, curse myself for not being there for my boys. Whether it be the school production or the baseball game, if I am not there?if I am not who I am supposed to be for them, how can I expect them to be fulfilled, to be happy, to be content with me and their lives? What this mass-murder of the Clutter family means to the people of Holcomb is beyond words, beyond restriction and beyond belief. ...read more.


This city, my city of which I am a guardian of is crippled with fear, plunging into darkness, its people unaware of those who are responsible?they believe nothing, they trust no-one, not even me. I have never been so determined, so driven and so distressed in my entire life. This whole matter, this pandemonium is entirely in my hands. There are no loose strings in this case except a footprint and a rope which was used to tie up the victims. No witnesses, no evidence, absolutely nothing. Marie has been very supportive to me, but I cannot put anything else before this. I love her and I love my boys to my very last breath, the murders have created a new being in me, and I cannot put my family in the place of the Clutters even in my thoughts. I have to end this. God help us all. Sujan Malla ...read more.

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