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In Mark Haddons Curious Incident of The Dog the narrative voice of volatile teenager, Christopher Boone is extremely influential in his quest to lead us through his turbulent relationship with not only his father, but also all those that are asso

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How effectively do the authors use the narrative voice of children in\ your chosen text? In Mark Haddon's 'Curious Incident of The Dog' the narrative voice of volatile teenager, Christopher Boone is extremely influential in his quest to lead us through his turbulent relationship with not only his father, but also all those that are associated with him. Likewise, in Lloyd Jones's 'Mister Pip' the inclusion of the young island girl Matilda as the novel's narrator is instrumental in highlighting the obstacles faced by the young islander and stressing the contrast between the perceptions of Matilda and those of Christopher. Both narrators are provided with a first person perspective, which succeeds in gaining empathy from the readers, who are able to acknowledge the experiences of both narrators. The cultural differences between the narrative voices are effectively highlighted and are apparent for the readers to see, almost instantly. The character of Christopher Boone is raised in Swindon and brought up to accommodate to the rules of the western society, while Matilda is forced to reside in the war-torn island of Bougainville, despite her aspirations to further herself. ...read more.


Feminist Dr Elizabeth Blackwell's interpretation may well be that Matilda's plight is as a result of gender inequality, and if she had been born male, her thirst for knowledge is likely to have been well rewarded. Nevertheless, this view would dismiss Matilda's achievements, as despite her less than fortunate upbringing, she was able to educate herself sufficiently. Essentially, both narrators are effectively portrayed as the 'moral conscience' of their respective novels. Mister Pip was described as 'morally subtle' by Jonathan Beckman, of the Daily Mail. The narrative role of both narrators is incredibly effective in portraying the youth as truth personified. The character of Matilda is one, who fails to accept her mother's decision to steal Mr Watts's beloved Great Expectations novel or her mother's choice to sacrifice her life for her daughter. 'To do so would be to betray my mum' The dilemma faced by Matilda is clear, and despite her being aware of what is morally right, she is overcome by an obligation to stick by her mother. Similarly, the narrative voice of protagonist Christopher is extremely effective, as it expresses the difficulties that Christopher faces with conflict. ...read more.


The narrative voice of Matilda appears to succeed in suggesting that Matilda may well possess the complexity, that her mother lacks, however she still has her limitations. To conclude, this quote of Jack Nicholson 'I don't want to be a product of my environment'' from the movie 'The Departed' I want my environment to be a product of me' is one, which is extremely relevant to this essay. The narrative voice depicts a young girl, who is eager not to sink into the depression and hopelessness of those around her. Instead, the novel climaxes with her immigrating to the UK in order to further her education. In Christopher's case the narrative voice of the Asperger's sufferer makes it evidently clear that Christopher is after consistency and is more than content with being 'a product of his environment. Ultimately, this is where the significant differences lie between both characters, with the narrative voice of Matilda unprepared to settle for a life below the poverty line and mediocrity. Whilst, Christopher is one to shy away from upheaval and it is clear via the narrative voice that he seeks solace in stability and matters of absolute truth. ...read more.

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