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In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, The Audience Recogise The Dramatic Importance Of The Weird Sisters. Discuss And Evaluate How Shakespeare Achieves This And How He Influences Directors.

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IN SHAKESPEARE'S MACBETH, THE AUDIENCE RECOGISE THE DRAMATIC IMPORTANCE OF THE WEIRD SISTERS. DISCUSS AND EVALUATE HOW SHAKESPEARE ACHIEVES THIS AND HOW HE INFLUENCES DIRECTORS. The play works on many levels, a historical thriller: fast-moving action packed murder story showing that crime does not pay. A psychological study of a murderer's mind: Macbeth constantly reveals his inner thoughts through his soliloquies. A play of political and social realism: showing how an oppressive hierarchical society systematically corrupts individuals. It may also be considered to be a play of illusions: showing the effect of human beings of the mysterious or the supernatural: the witches. First of all Act 1 scene 1 is very short, but full of impact which sets the tone for the rest of the play. The thunder and lightning give the scene a dramatic opening, which engages the interest of the audience, as it is showing the witches evil. The dramatic sound effects help to set the supernatural atmosphere that Shakespeare wanted to create along with the witches. Instead of seeing Macbeth, Shakespeare's audience is faced with three weird-looking women. The witches introduce us to a dark, dangerous play, in which the theme of evil is the main point. The witches say little but we learn a lot about them. ...read more.


The witches conversation emphasises their wickedness, evil and vindictive spirit which cannot be crushed by men. Their curse on the sea captain emphasises and predicts what could happen to Macbeth. A scene of malice and superstitious numbers of three as three is an evil number, which can be portrayed towards the witches as being evil. The first witch is going to put a spell on the captain's wife because the captain's wife was rude to her. The second witch then says, "I'll give thee a wind" which shows that the witches can change the weather, therefore showing the can exert an immense amount of power. It also shows that the witches are unified for exerting so much power and shows they are supernatural for controlling the wind and the sea. " Sleep shall neither night nor day Hang upon his penthouse lid." These lines supposed by the first with are telling the audience that they are going to destroy the natural function of sleep, which brings strength and peace. Dramatically the witches can see into the future "show me, show me". They can see the sea captain coming back into port with a wrecked ship " wrecked and homeward he did come". Their simultaneous talk emphasises how evil and unified in their approach to Macbeth, the witches will be. ...read more.


Through the net, which shows there are only half-truths, Macbeth can only see the figures of the three children and few candles. The children then start to say their lines in half-truths with the camera cutting to shots of each child. This is not stereotypical of witches and shows how urban settings change everything and that the witches are in the daylight shows that even more. In the three equivocations Macbeth thinks that he is hallucinating. Once the witches have finished the vanish and Macbeth rips down the netting to find a bare and open room except for a window straight in front of him. Overall I think that it is a tragedy of 'vaulting ambition' leads t downfall of previous good character. The wired sisters are the controllers of destiny and cannot be stopped which gives it the play of illusions. I think Shakespeare influenced the directors a lot and without the influence the ply wouldn't be the same and wouldn't have the same meanings and give the same effect. The main message that Shakespeare was trying to put across is that crime doesn't pay and that good always triumphs over evil. Shakespeare tried and did achieve a play of tragedy and how vaulting ambitions can lead to much pain and downfall as we can tell from Macbeth's occurrences and previous good character becomes and evil one and the weird sisters are allowed to control Macbeth's destiny. ...read more.

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