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In the short story entitled the withered arm, Thomas Hardy introduces us to a world in which single, working class women, are faced with enormous difficulties. A rich farmer called Lodge has dumped Rhoda Brook a milkmaid in her 30s.

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Coursework Matthew Regan 10 E Essay title The Withered Arm In the short story entitled the withered arm, Thomas Hardy introduces us to a world in which single, working class women, are faced with enormous difficulties. A rich farmer called Lodge has dumped Rhoda Brook a milkmaid in her 30s. She lived in a cottage, which is falling into disrepair in a rural village in the West Country round about the 19th century. She was a very poor woman and had to try and feed herself and her own son. They both must off had a very poor diet. They also have very poor clothes and rags and the boy's shoes are falling apart. They were that bad they caught the attention of a stranger called Gertrude farmer Lodges new wife who had brought him a new pair. Rhoda worked very hard for very little money a day. She Worked as a milkmaid, she got up very early in the morning and got back very late for very little. The work she did was physically draining she had to be a very strong woman to keep going. The rumors of Rhoda being a witch would of made her life harder than it was because she would off been scared off being hurt or killed for being a witch or even her son being bullied about it. Her life would off been hard without all off these other problems to go with it. Just because she was a woman. ...read more.


She doesn't want to inflict any pain or hurt on her. Rhoda wants to tell her about the dream she had off grabbing the arm but Gertrude might think she is a witch and the whole village would defiantly think she was a witch because there were rumors going round anyway. The thing she doesn't want to lose the most either is her only friend. Rhoda has never had a friend like Gertrude before. Rhoda would be frightened of Gertrude going to see conjuror trendle just in case the truth about the dream came out. This would off made her frightened because if Gertrude told the village then they would off thought she was a witch for sure, they already suspect her off being a witch because the rumors going round. "Conjuror trendle might name her". The things she would be worried about would be her own sake if they think she's a witch they might try and kill her or torture her. She would be worried for her sons sake because he would be bullied by everyone shouting stuff at him and might think he is a freak or something because his mum is a witch and she would probably lose her only friend she has ever had if Gertrude was to find out that Rhoda did this she would hate her forever. Rhoda has never had anyone like her before to talk to. Rhoda is beginning to blame herself for all this because of the dream she had and there were already rumors going round she was a witch so maybe she is even starting ...read more.


Rhoda has defiantly got through to him because he is starting to feel ashamed he doesn't want to show his face because of the things people would be saying about him. " Her husband was never seen in caster bridge again once only in the old market- place at angle bury, which he had so much frequent and very seldom in public anywhere burdened at first with moodiness and rumors he even totally changed for the better and appeared as a chastened and thoughtful man" this shows Rhoda got through to him because he gives his land and money away. He gave money. He gave money to Rhoda but she didn't want it she must have been think I have survived my self for this long I don't need his money now. Then lodge gives his money to a boy informatory he must be feeling really guilty about everything he has done. I think that at the end of the story Rhoda does get through to farmer lodge because he feels ashamed at what he has done he is no longer seen in public because of it. I think that Rhoda and fate both got threw to him fate because the good looking wives he had both lost there good looks and Gertrude could not have a baby so no one could take over the farm. Rhoda got threw to him by taking his son away and this made him realize he shouldn't have done what he done, shut his own son out of his life and mistreat women and now he realizes what he has done and try to make things better ...read more.

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