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In this essay I will examine the role that Friar Lawrence plays in Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay By Sarah Cooke In this essay I will examine the role that Friar Lawrence plays in Romeo and Juliet. The play of Romeo and Juliet was written during 1594 - 1596 but was set 100 years earlier. It is a tragic love story which was based on a poem called, 'The Tragicall Hystory of Romeus and Juliet' (1562). Although there is a big time gap from when it was written and now, it doesn't affect the way we see the story today. Things that happen in the story still happen today. We still fall in love and some people may have experienced the same feelings that were felt in the story. In the story Romeo is an 18 year old boy who falls madly in love with Juliet, a 13 year old girl. Only one problem lies between their relationship and that's their families. Romeo is a member of the Montague family and Juliet is a part of the Capulet's, and because of an unknown feud between the two equally wealthy families, they are told not to get involved with each other. This still doesn't stop the two lovers, as they plan to marry without their parents knowing. Everything seems fine until something doesn't quite go as planned. ...read more.


He agrees to have Romeo and Juliet married but does not have permission from the father of Juliet, Lord Capulet. Romeo had also only known Juliet for one night. This could then lead to the feud between the Montague's and the Capulet's to grow and possibly get worse. He also marries them when he knows Juliet has already promised herself to County Paris, the man her father insists that she marries. This, again, can lead to drastic consequences between the two families. He does many other things that he knows are wrong such as giving Juliet a poison to make her seem dead and hiding Romeo when he is banished from Verona by Prince Escalus so he could spend one more night with Juliet. By giving Juliet the poison for her to fake her own death, he will create the parents of Juliet, Lord and Lady Capulet to become distraught and upset. The next time that Friar Lawrence acts impetuously, is when Romeo is banished from Verona by Prince Escalus. Romeo doesn't want to leave as it would have to leave Juliet too, so Friar Lawrence hides him so he can stay with Juliet one more night. He makes the decision because he has a soft side to him and just wants to satisfy and make others happy. ...read more.


they could see the unsure look on Friar Lawrence's face when making each of the decisions and the distraught look on Romeo's face when he hears of Juliet's death. The audience should see his character as someone who is trying to do things for the best and maybe feel a little sorry for him. Overall I would say that Friar Lawrence is a friendly, caring priest who wants the best for everyone. The main reason he agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet was because it would make them both happy and could maybe resolve the unknown feud between the Montague's and the Capulet's. Each decision that he makes, does not go quite as planned. I feel that he definitely acts impetuously throughout the play but is too kind to let others down, when he knows they are relying on him. He takes many risks, breaks many rules and the trust of others which then back fires when each of the deaths occur and he is arrested, nearer the end of the play. If he had not known Romeo and had not gone ahead with the marriage the maybe these deaths would not have happened. He would be able live his normal life, helping others the way that he should, and other hobbies he has including collecting plants and herbs. He could of prevented all this from happening but he didn't. ...read more.

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