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In what ways is 'Little Red Cap' a suitable introduction - both thematically and stylistically to 'The Worlds wife'?

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In what ways is 'Little red Cap' a suitable introduction - both thematically and stylistically to 'The Worlds wife'? In this essay I am going to look at the ways that Carol Ann Duffy uses 'Little Red Cap' The first poem in this book to show through theme and style exactly what the whole book has been written to represent. By using the main themes of this change in the first poem she can create a suitable introduction through just the first poem to 'break in' the readers. The first poem in 'The Worlds Wife' symbolizes a new direction. The title is the rearrangement of the phrase 'The world and his wife' this phrase suggests that women 'aren't worth mentioning' and Duffy's rearrangement has been done to show a change in opinion. It suggests that Duffy has written this collection in order to bring a voice to the silenced women of history. The first theme that is noticeable in 'Little Red Cap' is the theme of change between Childhood and Adulthood. ...read more.


That if women loose their way they are ridiculed whereas men are portrayed as followers and are therefore less venerable to criticism. 'Little Red-Cap' also presents the theme of Love and first relationships. Here Duffy is clearly demonstrating a change, just as the book is showing a change in direction. With the line 'Lesson one that night' she is clearly indicating that this is the first experience of love for the character. And how due to this people are defenseless and this relates to the theme of the unknown. It is clear to reflect that by not knowing what to expect people become more vulnerable of those with experience. It is clear with the line 'clung till dawn to his thrashing fur' that this experience is not loving and that due to this lack of experience innocent people are subject to things they cannot do anything about. Here in this poem furthering this point the 'white dove' symbolizes purity. ...read more.


Duffy also uses accemence to emphasize her points within the text. The rhyme 'wolfs lair, better beware' Presents the fact that people do things even though they know better. The rhyme emphasis here makes the reader aware that this is a fact that has been 'shoved down people throats' yet still they refuse to take note of danger. It's almost a mimic, to me it represents the things your parents tell you which you never listen to. Therefore I belie that through Carol Ann Duffy's style and theme of 'Little Red-Cap' She captures the main features that she will being forward throughout the collection and therefore creates a suitable introduction for any reader. She presents the feminist theme of love and life and the strength of woman today. Therefore creating a permanent change in the way she thinks women should be viewed, pulling them out of the shadows and into the forefront of readers minds. Jennifer Clutten 14th October ...read more.

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